Monday, October 12, 2015

Guide to Treasure Chest Locations: Hamamitsu Skyway

Hello Pirates!

There is only one area in the Hamamitsu Skyway: Hamamitsu Garden.  There are several locations here where treasure chests spawn.  You can see all of the locations marked on the map below, with corresponding (by letter) descriptions and images further down the page.  Have fun!

*Note* For more information about my treasure chest guides, as well as links to the guides for other skyways, please click the following link:  Guide to Treasure Chest Locations Main Page.

Hamamitsu Garden

A)  Enter the Heavenly Mists Shop and there is a chest to the right of the door behind the crates or at the back of the shop behind the table.

B)  Go around the back of Heavenly Mists Shop and there is a chest there.

C)  Go into the Town Hall and go up the first few stairs.  The chest is around the right side of the stage/platform.

D)  Go around the back of Hamamitsu Kitchen and there is a treasure chest back there.

E)  Go up the hill behind the Banquet Hall and there is a chest behind the empty building.

Those are all the treasure chests I could find.  As always, if you know of any I missed, please let me know!  Thanks for reading and happy treasure hunting! :)