Friday, October 23, 2015

Halloween 2015 Contest Winners

Hey Everyone!

My Halloween Bunkhouse Decorating contest ended yesterday and I have chosen the winners.  Thank you to everyone who entered!  I really enjoyed seeing the entries, and I hope you all had fun decorating!  Here are the winners:

First Prize - Bloody Wesley Xavier
Smuggler's Cove House & House Space Elixer
Octoberpus Pet
5,000 Crowns

Every night around midnight, a faint organ sound can be heard drifting throughout Skull Island. It is said that if you follow the haunting melody, you may be lucky and find a lost chapel and it's one solitary inhabitant, a lone specter that haunts the grounds. Who, or what, is he? What does he want? Why does linger? No one can say.

Second Prize - Canny Kestrel Armstrong
Smuggler's Cover House & House Space Elixer
5,000 Crowns

This is my Haunted Halloween Circus. My spooky black tiger Lady Shadow asked me to recreate her childhood home in the circus. Like all circuses, no matter what the season, there is always something or someone scary tucked away into a tent. In this case it's the circus boss, Mister Chuckles. Lady Shadow loves Halloween.

Third Prize - Alex
Octoberpus Pet
5,000 Crowns

Hello and welcome to the official Haunted House of the year! Wait till you learn about our little buddy Fang the ghostly crab as he explores this house! The owner has put in many Halloween decorations this year! Some of these include some pumpkins,  Jack-o-rugs, and cobweb rugs! To make this haunted house extra spookier, the wall is completely covered with cobwebs and spooky masks! There is also some withered trees and a creepy fire! This haunted house will be sure to give you a fright!

Runner up - James Morgan
5,000 Crowns

Congrats to everyone who won, and thanks again for entering!  All of the codes have been emailed.  I will be giving away more codes on my twitter in the coming week, so be sure to watch.  Thanks for reading! :)


Chrissy The Blesser said...

Congratulations to all the winners. Delightfully spooky decorating and wonderful stories to go with them.

Unknown said...

Very nice entries :)) Oz