Monday, January 4, 2016

2015 Review and New 2016 Goals

Happy New Year everyone!

I am finally back from a holiday break and ready to start blogging again!  I hope everyone had a great holiday season! I know I did :)  October 31st through December 31st is my absolute favorite time of year.  Anyway, I would like to take this first blog post of the year to review some of my blogging and in game highlights from 2015 as well as let you all know some goals I have for 2016.

2015 Review

  • Back at the end of July, I officially started blogging again!  And a couple months later, I was accepted back as an official Pirate101 fansite! Thanks Tom and Leala!
  • I hosted an awesome Pirate101 event with Edward Lifegem from ATSWEL.  It was so much fun and I cannot wait to have more events this year!
  • I got four of my wizards (balance, life, myth and ice) all to level 100 and actually finished the game up through Khrysalis on my life and balance (with Edward Firegem).
  • I quested on my lower level fire and death wizards and got them to Celestia.
  • Maxed out my Privateer and Buccaneer on Pirate101.
Goals for 2016
  • Host many more events, especially in Pirate101!
  • Start a new swashbuckler to blog about, using one of my Pirate101 Challenges.
  • Finish up all the side quests on my Privateer and Buccaneer.
  • Run through the major dungeons I haven't done yet in both games (Tower of Moo Manchu in P101 and Darkmoor in W101.)
  • Complete my treasure chest guides for Pirate101.
  • Quest in Polaris on my Balance and Fire wizards.  Possibly quest on some of my other wizards as well, if I have time.
I'm sure as the year goes on I will find more things to keep me busy in game, but these are my main goals of things to accomplish.  I am also going to try to make at least one post per week, hopefully two.  And plan on lots more events this year!  I am excited to have a full year back in the community and on my blog.

What are some gaming goals you have set for yourself for 2016? Comment below and let me know!  See you in the spiral!