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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Polar Bear Event Recap

Hey everyone!

Yesterday Edward Lifegem and Frostcaller hosted an event for Polar Bear Awareness.  I logged on early and couldn't believe the amount of people that showed up in advance.  There ended up being 2 realms of people and so many cute polar bears!

When we ported to the house, there was lots of games, PVP and hanging out with friends, new and old!  I had an amazing time and got to meet and add some great people. :)

Thank you Edward and Frosty for the awesome event! I had so much fun and I can't wait till the next one!  And thanks to all of you for reading.  See you soon!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Friendship Festival Contest Winners

Hey Everyone!

My Friendship Festival Pet contest has ended and I am ready to announce the winners.  I received so many awesome entries that it was hard to choose just three.  If you didn't win this time, don't worry!  I will be having more contests in the future.

I  judged the entries based on three things as follows:

  1. Creativity and effort.
  2. Amount of details.
  3. Whether the rules were followed.
Anyway, enough of that. Here are the three winners!

First place
5,000 crowns, Lovely Leopard pet, & Huggle Hoggle pet
Emma Iceheart

Second Place
Lovely Leopard pet & Huggle Hoggle pet
Isaiah Soul

Mystical griffin pet
Myth school pet.
First generation has:  Pedigree 72
The talents thats on the pool are:
-Epic: Charm Chopper 
-Epic: Spell-Proof 
-Common: Wise
-Uncommon: Fairy Friend
-Ultra-Rare: Blocker
-Epic: Armor Breaker
-Epic: Fearless Fortifier 
-Common: Myth Boon
-Ultra-Rare: Myth-Dealer
-Rare: Sharp-Eye

Stat Numbers: 
Strength: 229
Intellect: 200
Agility: 245
Will: 195
Power: 214

Third place
Lovely Leopard pet OR Huggle Hoggle pet
Corrupt Lucas Vries

Pet name: Yer Hearty
It's a skeletal pirate with pink clothes, a heart eyepatch, and a rose for a sword. For its ranged attack animations, it kisses the rose and blows heart projectiles outward.

Pedigree: 230

Hoodoo Touch (Rare)
Epic Surge (Common)
Super Shot (Common)
Epic Strike (Uncommon)
Mega Surge (Common)
Toxic Touch (Uncommon)
Super Spell (Common)
Shadowy Aura (Uncommon)
Grants Rally (Epic)
Shark's Fury (Ultra-Rare)

Feeding Frenzy 2 (Ultra-Rare)
Gifted 1 (Uncommon)
Extra Gritty 2 (Common)
Naturally Tough 1 (Common)
Enhanced Magic Resist 1 (Common)
Scent 2 (Rare)
Enhanced Movement 1 (Common)
Grants Quick Adjust (Ultra-Rare)
Extra Guile 1 (Common)
Death Throes 1 (Rare)

All of the winners have been emailed.  Congrats to them and thank you to everyone who entered! I really enjoyed seeing all the entries!  Thanks for reading and see you all soon! :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Friendship Festival Contest

Hello Wizards and Pirates!

Yesterday kicked off the Friendship Festival in Wizard101 and Pirate101, which will be running through February 18, 2016.  You can see more information about the festival by clicking the following links:

To help celebrate, the community managers have given me some codes to give away to you guys!  How cool is that?  Make sure to thank them when  you see them :)
Wizard101 Lovely Leopard Pet
To enter to win you need to create a pet that could be used for either Pirate101 or Wizard101.  I will let you choose which game you would like to design a pet for, but please make sure you follow all the guidelines below.
  • Design your own original pet that could be used in either W101 or P101.  Be sure to include an image of your pet (hand drawn or a computer generated graphic).
  • Include information about the pet such as: pet stats, talents, what type of pet, etc.
  • Email your submission to
  • Please include your wizard or pirate name in the email, as well as "Friendship Festival Pet Contest" in the subject line.
  • All entries must be Submitted by Monday, February 15, 2016 at 12pm (noon) EST 
  • Please be sure you are submitting 100% original work for this contest!
The winners will be awarded as follows:

First Prize
5,000 crowns, a Lovely Leopard pet in W101, & a Huggle Hoggle pet in P101

Second Prize
Lovely Leopard pet in W101 & Huggle Hoggle pet in P101

Third Prize
Choice of Lovely Leopard pet OR Huggle Hoggle pet

Pirate101 Huggle Hoggle
Good luck to everyone who enters! And be sure to watch this blog and my twitter account @SecretsOTSpiral for information on more giveaways coming up in the next week or so! Thanks for reading! :)

Sunday, February 7, 2016

A Pirate101 Sneak Peek

Hey everyone!

I have some exciting news for all you pirates out there!  In the most recent Falmea Friday post (from February 5, 2016) There were some major hints that Pirate101 is working on something big!  This is what she said:
Winter is typically a time of hibernation, and while we certainly had our share of holiday feasting and warm drinks by the fire, I can assure you that we are not napping on the job. In fact, what we’re working on right now is so… intriguing, I truly wish I could spill the beans, but it’s still not the right time. Let it be known that Blind Mew, Ratbeard, and the rest of the crew, as well as myself, well, we’re extremely, extremely excited to let the firecat out of the bag. Not yet, but soon. Certainly, when the skies turn a little warmer and the course we’ve set is a little more underway.
I'm hoping this means that we will get more information about what Kingsisle has been working on in the spring or summer!  That will be here before we know it.  That wasn't all though.  At the end of the post, there was this piece of concept art:

Very interesting!  We don't see too many NPC's in Pirate101 that are actual humans.  I wonder what role he will play when he is introduced in game.  It would be awesome if this was a new companion, but I have a feeling that it will be an NPC in a new world.

Anyway, the Falmea Friday post also had some other information about PVP and such.  You can read the whole thing by clicking this link.

What do you think about these hints?  Comment below and let me know! Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

5 Free Things To Do In Pirate101

Hey everyone!

Did you know that  you don't have to spend money to enjoy Pirate101? While it's true that you need either a membership or crowns to complete the main story line, there are plenty of things to do in game for free.  There are several areas in Skull Island Skyway that are free to play, including the whole island of Skull Island. 

I decided to make a list of free things to do in Pirate101.  I actually was going to make a top 10 list, but I decided to combine some things that seemed similar.  I also removed a couple things that seemed repetitive to other posts I have made (starting a new pirate and helping out other people around Skull Island).  Here are the top five I chose:

1.  PVP - While I still haven't done much PVP in Pirate101, I know a lot of people love it.  You do need to purchase passes to enter ranked PVP matches, but practice PVP is free.  You can also PVP with friends in some of the houses.  PVP requires a whole different set of skills to master than PVE does, so why not grab a friend and give it a try?  Or you could always hang out at Brawlin' Hall and meet other PVP fanatics to hone your skills against.
Brawlin' Hall
2.  Pets - Pets in Pirate101 are a lot of fun!  People are still discovering new hybrids through morphing.  Maybe you could be the first to discover a new one!  You can also spend time training your pets up.  While training pets in Pirate101 is more passive, you can still focus on trying to get the perfect pet.  Once you train them up, give pet sparring a try!
Circus Maximus
3.  Pirate's Regatta - If you are a higher level pirate and you like farming for pets, gear and other items, give Pirate's Regatta a try.  This is the nautical gauntlet in Skull Island.  Fight your way through fleets of ships and several bosses to receive amazing drops, scrip and gold.  Pirates of all levels can also find a challenge by trying to battle all the way through Smuggler's Arena.  Smuggler's Arena is a housing item gauntlet that sets it's difficulty based on the highest level pirate that enters and offers rewards based on how far you get.  While it does cost crowns to purchase it, using it is free.  So if you already have one, or if a friend has one, give it a try!  By the way, I do own this item, so if any one is interested, let me know and we can try it out!
Smuggler's Arena
4.  House Decorating - House decorating in Pirate101 is an activity and art all of its own.  There is a ton of houses and furniture available for purchase with gold, from vendors, the bazaar, the Black Market and the Crown Shop.  You can also get many different items as drops from mobs and bosses.  Gather together the items you want and then have fun creating your housing masterpiece! And after you're done with that, why not spend some scrip to get a cabin for your ship and decorate that too!
My Witchdoctor's House
5.  Have a Party or Event - This is one of my favorite things to do in game.  Parties and events can be a lot of fun!  Why not celebrate your love of the game by getting a bunch of friends and other people together for a party in your house, hanging out and talking or playing PVP.  You could also have a farming event, Sparring event, or PVP event as well.  The ideas are endless!  All you need is a few (or more) people and then let the fun begin!
PVP Party!
As I said before, these are just my top five ideas.  There are other free things to do as well, such as farming in Skull Island, starting a new pirate, helping out new pirates who may not be familiar with the game yet, etc.  The point is, even if you can't afford a membership right now, you can still play the game and have fun with it!  What is your favorite free thing to do in Pirate101? Comment below and let me know!  Thanks for reading and see you soon!