Tuesday, February 2, 2016

5 Free Things To Do In Pirate101

Hey everyone!

Did you know that  you don't have to spend money to enjoy Pirate101? While it's true that you need either a membership or crowns to complete the main story line, there are plenty of things to do in game for free.  There are several areas in Skull Island Skyway that are free to play, including the whole island of Skull Island. 

I decided to make a list of free things to do in Pirate101.  I actually was going to make a top 10 list, but I decided to combine some things that seemed similar.  I also removed a couple things that seemed repetitive to other posts I have made (starting a new pirate and helping out other people around Skull Island).  Here are the top five I chose:

1.  PVP - While I still haven't done much PVP in Pirate101, I know a lot of people love it.  You do need to purchase passes to enter ranked PVP matches, but practice PVP is free.  You can also PVP with friends in some of the houses.  PVP requires a whole different set of skills to master than PVE does, so why not grab a friend and give it a try?  Or you could always hang out at Brawlin' Hall and meet other PVP fanatics to hone your skills against.
Brawlin' Hall
2.  Pets - Pets in Pirate101 are a lot of fun!  People are still discovering new hybrids through morphing.  Maybe you could be the first to discover a new one!  You can also spend time training your pets up.  While training pets in Pirate101 is more passive, you can still focus on trying to get the perfect pet.  Once you train them up, give pet sparring a try!
Circus Maximus
3.  Pirate's Regatta - If you are a higher level pirate and you like farming for pets, gear and other items, give Pirate's Regatta a try.  This is the nautical gauntlet in Skull Island.  Fight your way through fleets of ships and several bosses to receive amazing drops, scrip and gold.  Pirates of all levels can also find a challenge by trying to battle all the way through Smuggler's Arena.  Smuggler's Arena is a housing item gauntlet that sets it's difficulty based on the highest level pirate that enters and offers rewards based on how far you get.  While it does cost crowns to purchase it, using it is free.  So if you already have one, or if a friend has one, give it a try!  By the way, I do own this item, so if any one is interested, let me know and we can try it out!
Smuggler's Arena
4.  House Decorating - House decorating in Pirate101 is an activity and art all of its own.  There is a ton of houses and furniture available for purchase with gold, from vendors, the bazaar, the Black Market and the Crown Shop.  You can also get many different items as drops from mobs and bosses.  Gather together the items you want and then have fun creating your housing masterpiece! And after you're done with that, why not spend some scrip to get a cabin for your ship and decorate that too!
My Witchdoctor's House
5.  Have a Party or Event - This is one of my favorite things to do in game.  Parties and events can be a lot of fun!  Why not celebrate your love of the game by getting a bunch of friends and other people together for a party in your house, hanging out and talking or playing PVP.  You could also have a farming event, Sparring event, or PVP event as well.  The ideas are endless!  All you need is a few (or more) people and then let the fun begin!
PVP Party!
As I said before, these are just my top five ideas.  There are other free things to do as well, such as farming in Skull Island, starting a new pirate, helping out new pirates who may not be familiar with the game yet, etc.  The point is, even if you can't afford a membership right now, you can still play the game and have fun with it!  What is your favorite free thing to do in Pirate101? Comment below and let me know!  Thanks for reading and see you soon!