Monday, February 15, 2016

Friendship Festival Contest Winners

Hey Everyone!

My Friendship Festival Pet contest has ended and I am ready to announce the winners.  I received so many awesome entries that it was hard to choose just three.  If you didn't win this time, don't worry!  I will be having more contests in the future.

I  judged the entries based on three things as follows:

  1. Creativity and effort.
  2. Amount of details.
  3. Whether the rules were followed.
Anyway, enough of that. Here are the three winners!

First place
5,000 crowns, Lovely Leopard pet, & Huggle Hoggle pet
Emma Iceheart

Second Place
Lovely Leopard pet & Huggle Hoggle pet
Isaiah Soul

Mystical griffin pet
Myth school pet.
First generation has:  Pedigree 72
The talents thats on the pool are:
-Epic: Charm Chopper 
-Epic: Spell-Proof 
-Common: Wise
-Uncommon: Fairy Friend
-Ultra-Rare: Blocker
-Epic: Armor Breaker
-Epic: Fearless Fortifier 
-Common: Myth Boon
-Ultra-Rare: Myth-Dealer
-Rare: Sharp-Eye

Stat Numbers: 
Strength: 229
Intellect: 200
Agility: 245
Will: 195
Power: 214

Third place
Lovely Leopard pet OR Huggle Hoggle pet
Corrupt Lucas Vries

Pet name: Yer Hearty
It's a skeletal pirate with pink clothes, a heart eyepatch, and a rose for a sword. For its ranged attack animations, it kisses the rose and blows heart projectiles outward.

Pedigree: 230

Hoodoo Touch (Rare)
Epic Surge (Common)
Super Shot (Common)
Epic Strike (Uncommon)
Mega Surge (Common)
Toxic Touch (Uncommon)
Super Spell (Common)
Shadowy Aura (Uncommon)
Grants Rally (Epic)
Shark's Fury (Ultra-Rare)

Feeding Frenzy 2 (Ultra-Rare)
Gifted 1 (Uncommon)
Extra Gritty 2 (Common)
Naturally Tough 1 (Common)
Enhanced Magic Resist 1 (Common)
Scent 2 (Rare)
Enhanced Movement 1 (Common)
Grants Quick Adjust (Ultra-Rare)
Extra Guile 1 (Common)
Death Throes 1 (Rare)

All of the winners have been emailed.  Congrats to them and thank you to everyone who entered! I really enjoyed seeing all the entries!  Thanks for reading and see you all soon! :)


Unknown said...

I thought the contest was until the 18th... at least that's what the article said. Ah well. Congrats to the winners!

Autumn DreamWalker said...

I believe Kingsisle's Friendship Festival is running through the 18th. However the contest I had on this blog for the festival ended on the 15th.