Monday, March 14, 2016

Meet Thrifty Autumn Walker

Thrifty Autumn Walker
Hey everyone!

As you all may know, I have been making a series of posts detailing different challenges you can try out to make Pirate101 more difficult.  In my last challenge post I talked about trying to complete the game without spending any gold or crowns.  You can see the rules here.

I decided to make a new pirate to try this challenge out with, Thrifty Autumn Walker.  I will be blogging about her as I quest through the game.  I am actually pretty excited about this experiment since I have never done anything like this before.

One of the biggest changes I am going to have to make while questing is actually paying attention to what I receive as drops.  I usually don't.  When I quest, I just plow through and then when my backpack is full, I head to the Bazaar.  I don't even look at what is in there.  I just sell everything that is auctionable and then check out the no auction items.  Most of the time I end up selling most of that gear as well.  I do the same for ship equipment.  Then I use the gold from selling to buy whatever I need.
Scenic Skull Island
During this challenge I am going to need to pay attention to every single drop I get.  This isn't a bad thing and hopefully getting in the habit of doing this will help me on other characters later on. I will be taking screenshots of the drops I am planning on using, either right away or in the future, and add them to my posts.
Battling some angels in the tutorial
So anyway.......Now on to the fun stuff!  I started questing a little yesterday.  I did run through the tutorial for nostalgic purposes.  Then it was onto Skull Island to recover Captain Avery's amulet.  After fighting troggies and cutthroats and more troggies and cutthroats, I faced off with Fin Dorsal and got the amulet back!  Avery was so impressed by me that he gave me a "ship" and sent me to find Captain Gunn's treasure.
Troggies and cutthroats and Fin......OH MY!
I made it as far as Traitor's Cave and then decided to do the side quests I had picked up and farm for some better ship equipment and NXP.  I did the pet quest and got my first pet and then headed out to fight some cutthroat ships, batacudas and flying fish.  Once I completed all those side quests, I farmed Deadeye Deidre (a ship boss) for awhile before moving onto Red Claw ships and Waponi ships.  I received some cool equipment drops for my ship, which made farming much easier.

I managed to reach nautical level 7.  My character level is level 6.  And while I was doing all this, I was training my pet and got her to level 11!  I only had the 3 pet snacks from the pet quest, as well as 3 more I received from fighting Deadeye Deidre....Yes, I got caught on her ship a couple times.  I also used a few training tomes I got as quest/leveling rewards and trained all my companions to level 4 or 5.  I plan to try to keep my companions trained to 2 levels below my pirate level, but that may change.  As I get more companions, that may drop to 3-5 levels below my pirate's level, but we'll see.

So what's up next? I plan to reach nautical level 8 (so I can equip some cannons I received) and then pick up with the main quests in Traitor's Cave.  Today I will also be posting a poll on my twitter account asking whether or not I should try this challenge without using companion orders. (Click here for the poll.) I am thinking I might give it a try, but I am curious to see what other people think.

Before I go, here is a run down of all the notable stuff I received:

Gear - Pirate Daggers (starting weapon), Cunning Ring (ring), Voyager's Spyglass (totem), Corsair's
Jacket (outfit), Vagabond's Shoes (boots), Warrior Helm (hat)

Ship - Raft, Broken Wheel (starting wheel), Horn of Crimson Fog (starting horn), Used Rudder (rudder), Rigged Mainsail (sails), Skeleton Billethead (figurehead), Rusty Cannons (cannons), Iron Cannons (cannons - will equip at nautical level 8)

Companions - Subodai (level 4), Bonnie Anne (level 4), Fan Flanders (level 5), Sarah Steele (level 5), 15 training points remaining

Powers/Talents/Doubloons - Sneak Attack, Walk in the Shadows, Naturally Tough, Light Armor, Treasure Bath (2), Mark of Skull Island, Sluggish

Pets/Snacks - Tiny Daisy (Ostrich - level 11), 3 quest reward snacks (forgot what they were, used all 3), Banana Gumbo (2, used both), Scrimshaw Swiss (used)

I will try to find a better way to capture/post the items I get. Also, I am hoping to make posts about this character weekly.  Starting the game over again has been a lot of fun so far!  I hope you enjoyed reading this post! I'm sure the next one will be less long-winded. (Does that mean it will be short-winded?)  Thanks for reading and see you soon!