Monday, July 18, 2016

Santa Run Recap

Hey guys!

This past Saturday Edward Lifegem and I had an awesome event, the Christmas in July Santa Run!  The purpose of this event was to get the community together to have a good time, and I think it worked.  So many people showed up! It was crazy!

Lining up to get ready to run!
Dance paaaaarrrrrtaaayyy!
After the run (some of us got separated but had our own mini dance party in the commons) we ported to my house for a bit so that people could look around and see where Santa lives and works.  I gave a mini tour via the house owner chat and then after about 10-15 minutes we ported to Edward's house where the fun really began!
Group pic at my house
Group pic at Edward's house
There were lots of housing games and duels/gauntlets for everyone to participate in.  But first we took a huge group photo inside of Ed''s house, which was decorated awesomely!  I honestly spent a lot of time inside skating around on the ice skating rink in between gifting people.  I know Edward and a couple others were gifting random people too.  I hope everyone enjoyed what they received!  Gifting people is so much fun! :)
Sherlock Bones thinks there is something very suspicious about these instruments! :P
The event lasted about 3 hours, which is awhile for an event to last.  I had a lot of fun and I hope everyone who attended had a great time too.  Thanks to all of you for helping to make the party a success!  And if you missed it, don't worry too much.  There will be plenty more events in both games in the future.

On a side note, I am officially back.  I wasn't blogging much because of computer issues and then vacation and other real life things keeping me busy.  I should have more time now though and I am going to make blogging about both W101 and P101 a priority, so get ready for more posts!  See you soon!