Saturday, July 9, 2016

Valencia Part 2 NXP Event Recap

Hey everyone!

Earlier today was the NXP event that I hosted with Around the Spiral with Edward Lifegem to celebrate the release of Valencia Part 2!  I was surprised about how many people came to this event. It was really nice to meet everyone!

Hanging out before the event started
The event started with us meeting up in Avery's Court.  Then we ported to the Calabria Skyway in Valencia to farm Martin Chambers.  I was actually surprised a how easy this ship boss is to fight.  He seems a lot easier than the Aquila ships, but the good thing is that he respawns really quickly! People were gaining lots of nautical levels and I got a ton of gold and some awesome ship equipment!
That's a lot of ships!
He didn't stand a chance!
So much fun!
After about an hour we all ported to my Haunted Grotto and had a five part scavenger hunt.  Edward gifted all the winners, which was really nice of him (and nice of Kingsisle for supplying the crowns)!  The last part of the event was just hanging out and pvping a little.  I think a group went into my Smuggler's Arena as well.   I didn't get to PVP but I had fun watching.
Group picture!
Thanks to everyone who showed up to the event.  I really love having NXP parties! If you missed the one today, hopefully I will be having another soon, so be sure to watch for it. See you soon! :)