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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Armada Has Come to Skull Island in Pirate101 Test Realm!


I know it has been awhile since I've made a post, and I apologize for that.  I have been so busy with homeschooling my son, driving both my kids to their various activities, and just life in general.  However, now that I am settling into our new schedule, I plan on trying to post once or twice a week from now on.

My first post back is an exciting one, because Pirate101 randomly opened the test realm today with no warning at all!  There are a couple new things added and some bugs were fixed, all of which you can read about in the Update Notes.  The thing I am most excited about is the new turret boss/Dreadnaught that can be found in Skull Island Skyway.

This is awesome because it is a 2 part battle.  First you need to do some nautical fighting in the skyway, trying to damage the level 70 turret.  This is pretty difficult since there are numerous Armada ships (also level 70) around attacking at the same time.  Once the turret's health bar drops to zero, it opens up and you can dock your ship.

The next part is actually not a bad fight at all.  You go into the Dreadnaught and fight some Armada guys.  I went in with Alexandra Davenport and Thrifty Rodrigo Bellamy.  We finished fairly quickly, although I did lose a couple of my companions.  These enemies drop some cool weapons and lots of new Dragonspyre themed housing items.

I am so excited to see that Kingsisle is still working on Pirate101 and adding new content.  I think this update will be awesome for NXP parties.  The 2 part battle will make for more interesting events.  Another thing that is cool is that this is a high level battle in a free to play area!  That means that more people can join in!
Anyway, be sure to read the update notes in the link above and check out the test realm if you have an active membership or have made a crowns purchase recently, then comment below and let me know what you think!  Have fun and see you soon!