Friday, October 14, 2016

2016 Halloween Contests

Happy October everyone!

This is an exciting month for Pirate101 because not only is it Halloween, but it is also Pirate101's 4th birthday!  To celebrate both of these occasions, the KI community manager has given me some codes to give out to you all!  I have decided to have 3 different ways to win as follows:

1)  Enter this retweet contest on my Twitter account and be entered to win a Hoodoo Bundle.

2) Enter the raffle at the bottom of this page to be entered to win 10k crowns and The Vampire (shades/accessory item shown below) - Starts tonight at midnight EST!

3) Watch my Twitter account from October 21st through October 31st for many chances to win various codes for crowns, facepaint, bundles and more!  I will be posting a complete schedule on this post for the Twitter contests/giveaways in the upcoming days.  Please note the following rules:
  • You may enter more than one of my contests.  However, each person will only be eligible to win once.  This will give everyone a more equal chance to win.
  • You will need a Twitter account to enter my Twitter contests.
  • Please no begging/asking for codes. If you don't win you can always try again or check out the many other fansites giving away prizes as well.
  • Have fun!
Twitter Contest Schedule:
All times are Eastern Time
Times may change. If they do, I will mark them as "Updated."
October 22nd - 11:00am *Updated*
October 22nd - 5:00pm
October 23rd - 7:00pm
October 24th - 7:30am
October 25th - 10:00am
October 26th - 10:00pm
October 27th - 7:30am
October 28th - 7:00pm *Updated*
October 29th - 2:00pm
October 30th - 10:00am

The final contest on October 30th @ 10:00am will be a sort of scavenger hunt incorporating all the codes and other giveaways from the previous 9 days.  To participate you will need the following:

  • A Twitter account that is not private (so I can see your activity to me) as well as the ability for me to Direct Message (DM) you.
  • Access to this blog (
  • Access to Pirate101
On Saturday the 29th, I will make a tweet (or 2) with most of the ciphers I have used throughout the week.  This contest will take some time to complete, my guess would be about 30-45 minutes.  There will be 3 winners as follows:
First Prize - Hoodoo Bundle
Second Prize - 10k crowns and the Vampire
Third Prize - 5k crowns and Vorpal Bunny facepaint

One last note: If you have won one of my other Halloween giveaways in the past 9 days, you are still welcome to try the scavenger hunt. However, you will not be eligible to win a prize.  This is to give more people a chance to win.  I think this contest will be a lot of fun and I hope you guys will think so too!  


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souvik said...

Happy Halloween. My favorite tradition is trick or treat.

Unknown said...

Trick or treating if that counts.

Simon said...

Favorite tradition? Trick or treat

Unknown said...

My favorite Halloween tradition is dressing up and scaring my friends :D

Aaron said...

My favorite Halloween tradition is travelling in neighborhood dressed as a vampire

Unknown said...

favorite halloween tradition is pumpkins obviously

Unknown said...

My favorite halloween tradition is to pass out candy to all the kids!

Unknown said...

My favorite tradition is eating A LOT of candy with my brother
Although we feel sick after :3

Kieran Drew Shane said...

My favorite Halloween tradition is (after stocking up on a bunch of candy) watching Halloween movies, like Hocus Pocus or Halloweentown all night

Jared Shadowbreaker said...

My favorite Halloween tradition is to open up all of the fun mystery boxes throughout Skull Island! Thanks for the giveaway, and good luck everyone!

Iridian Willowglen said...

Favorite Halloween tradition is carving pumpkins with the family.

tabitha said...

decorating the house and outside.

Unknown said...

Decorating the house and handing out candy

Dylan StormSpear said...

My favorite Tradition is spending time with Family and Handing out candy to trick-or-treaters. :D

Keela said...

Trick or treat

Marin Capan said...

Favorite Halloween tradition is writing spooky stories! :D
thank you for the contest!

Unknown said...

My favorite Halloween tradition is trick or treating c:

Unknown said...

My fave tradition is dressing up and going to halloween parties! Happy halloween, all :)

Unknown said...

My favourite Halloween tradition is going to a party

Teddy Bear Saint said...

My favorite Halloween tradition is eating a lot of candy

Unknown said...


Paige Skyhaven said...

My favorite Halloween tradition would have to be our family's little pumpkin carving contest! ^-^

Chrissy The Blesser said...

Telling my great niece and nephews how adorable they look in their costumes. :D

Jagrit Aryal said...

Loving my pumpkins then shredding them ��