Saturday, October 1, 2016

Halloween Run 2016

Happy October everyone!

Fall is officially in full swing! I love October because to me it marks the start of the Holiday season (Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.)  While Halloween isn't my favorite holiday, it is second on the list.  I have so much fun helping my kids make their Halloween costumes and doing their Halloween makeup.  This year they have decided to dress up as Beetlejuice (my son) and a creepy voodoo doll (my daughter).

Speaking of costumes, it's also fun to dress up in game!  Around the Spiral with Edward Lifegem, Frostcaller, Michael Walker and I are teaming up to host the first ever Halloween Run at the end of the month!  Put on a costume or Halloween colors and join us in Nightside for a run through Wizard City!  Keep reading for more details.

Saturday, October 29th @ 5:30pm EST - 4:30pm CST

Meet up in Nightside and run through free areas of Wizard City

Vampire realm

Edward Lifegem (Host)
Autumn Dreamwalker
Michael Walker

Port buses
Autumn Dreamwalker - Level 1 Balance
Chase Deathhand - Level 110 Death
Bradley Lionwielder - Level 110 Storm

Halloween Run
During the Halloween Run, we will be starting in Nightside and then run through the following areas in this order: Commons, Ravenwood, Golem Court, Shopping District, Olde Town, Triton Ave, and Haunted Cave, ending by Nightshade's Tower, where we will the port to the afterparty.  You can see a video of the route at the following link: Halloween Run Route.  Be sure to watch this video, since during the run (due to the large volume of people) we may all get separated into different areas.  

After Party
The after party will consist of two parts.  First, the port buses will port everyone to a "haunted house" for a tour.  After the tour, the port buses will port everyone to the party house for housing games, PvP, giveaways and more fun!

  • During the after parties, there will be people randomly gifting. 
  • Enter one of several social media contests detailed on Around the Spiral's blog post.
  • Check Around the Spiral's Twitter for giveaways during the event.
  • Check Frostcaller's Twitter during the event for random giveaways.
  • Check Michael's Twitter during the event for a giveaway.
  • There will be a scavenger hunt during the after party at the haunted house after the run is over.
  • During the event or afterparty, tweet me with a screenshot of your wizard at the event with the hashtag #HalloweenRun2016 for a chance to win a Shinobi Bundle.

This event will be amazing! Every time there is a "holiday run," the crowd gets larger and larger, so be sure to try to get there early!  I hope to see you all there!