Friday, October 14, 2016

Happy 4th Birthday (and Halloween) Pirate101!

Hey everyone!

Today marks Pirate101's 4th birthday!!!  How exciting is that?  Pirate101 is celebrating with tons of decorations around Skull Island, as well as adding birthday items to the crowns shop.  They are also giving away some awesome gifts to their players!  You can click the this link to see more details and to redeem the code to receive your gifts.

Since it's October, it is also Halloween month in Pirate101.  You can get tons of cool housing items, pets, mounts, face paint and more in the crowns shop.  Some of these items have been brought back from previous years, but there are also some epic new items to be has as well!  Be sure to click this link and then log into the game and check them all out!