Sunday, October 9, 2016

Pirate101 Test Realm Goes Live and a New Pack

Ahoy Pirates!

I am very excited to announce that the Pirate101 updates I announced in test realm a few days ago have now been released to the live realm!  Shortly after its release, Kingsisle quickly responded to players by adjusting the spawn rate for the new turret, making it spawn more often.  This is something I really love about Kingsisle.....Their willingness to respond to players, listen to suggestions and make appropriate changes.

There was also a new pack, the Ashes of the Armada pack, added to the game.  This pack features furniture from several worlds, new weapons (which are awesome) and new companions!  It costs 399 crowns in the crowns shop.

You can read all the information about these new updates by clicking the links above.  Have you tried out any of the new stuff?  Comment below and tell me your thoughts on this update!