Thursday, November 17, 2016

Santa Run 2016

Hey Everyone!

The holidays are coming up fast!  It has become a tradition for Edward Lifegem from Around The Spiral to host a Santa Run before Christmas.  This year he has asked me, Frostcaller, and Michael Frost to help him host.

So what is a Santa Run? Well, it's similar to the Halloween Run we had in October, except it's Christmas/Holiday themed.  That event was a huge success and this event is sure to be even better.  Keep reading for more information.

Saturday, December 17, 2016
12:00pm PST - 1:00pm MT - 2:00pm CST - 3:00pm EST

Meet up in the Commons
Greyrose realm
You can watch this video to see where we will be running.

Edward Lifegem (Host)
Frostcaller/David Silverhunter (Co-Host)
Michael Frost (Co-Host)
Autumn Dreamwalker (Co-Host)

What to Wear
Santa outfit, Christmas colors, Snowman/Elf transformation, etc.
Anything Chirstmassy!

After Party
After the run, we will be porting to an after party.  There will be several houses (connected with teleporters) for housing games, PVP, gauntlets and more!

Please look for the following people to add during the event. They will port you to the after party houses:
Autumn Dreamwalker
(Level 1 Balance)

Chase Deathhand
(Level 110 Death)

Bradley Lionwielder
(Level 110 Storm)

Edward's Giveaways
Twitter RT Contest - $10 giftcard
Twitter RT Contest - Mirage Raider's Bundle
Facebook Contest
Edward's YouTube Contest
Screenshot Contest - Take a screenshot during the event and send it to to win a Mirage Raider's Bundle!

Autumn's Giveaways
Twitter Retweet Contest
Join me for Christmas Movie Trivia during the event. Christmas packs will be awarded to the winners!

Michael's Giveawayss
Michael's Screenshot Contest
Michael's Blog comment contest

Graphic by Frostcaller
This event will be a lot of fun! Don't miss out on the biggest holiday event in the Spiral! I hope to see you all there. :)