Tuesday, December 20, 2016

A Couple New Projects!

Hey everyone!

I have some news about this blog! I have a couple new projects I am starting for the new year.  Hopefully this will bring some life back into the blog by giving you all something new and interesting to read.....and maybe give me more ambition to post on here more often. :)

First, I posted a poll on twitter a couple months ago asking if people would be
interested in me adding some info about my favorite board games on here.  The response was overwhelmingly positive, so I have decided to add a new section just for board games.

There is now a link on the menu bar called "Board Game Reviews" that will bring you directly to all the posts I make about board games.  There is also a new label called "Board Games."  So far there is nothing there except this post, but I am hoping to make my first board game post sometime this week. I hope you all enjoy reading this new section!

The second project is a Pirate101 project, which is also the result of a Twitter poll.  You all may remember the Pirate101 Challenges series I wrote this past year.  Well now that it is finally finished, I have decided to create a new pirate and try out one of the challenges for myself.  Twitter people voted and decided that I should try out challenge #5, which is basically permadeath companions.  You can read all the details of this challenge here.

My main pirate's companions
How long will my new pirate's companions survive?
I will be making this character during the week following Christmas and start to level on her.  I have decided she will be a witchdoctor, but I haven't chosen a name yet.  If you have any name suggestions let me know by commenting here, on my Twitter account, or on my Facebook account!  If I get more than one suggestion, I will make a poll of my favorites and let you all vote.

A third project is also with a pirate, but she is one that already exists.  I have a level 14 swashbuckler (Autumn Walker) that I haven't leveled on in a long time.  She was originally created to quest through with my daughter, who has since given up most gaming. I have decided to continue questing on her solo with a twist.  This will be another "challenge" pirate, using Challenge #1: No ship or ship equipment upgrades.  She is currently in Monquista, so from here on out I will be using only her raft.  I will be making sporadic posts to update her progress, but those posts will mainly be about my nautical adventures.

So that's all for now.  Be sure to look for my first board game review post this week and let's hear those name suggestions!  I can't wait to start questing in Pirate101 again!


Unknown said...

You should call your witchdoctor cynical zenobia :D