Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Merciless Jennifer Part 2: Permadeath Discovered

Hey everyone!

Well, it has been awhile!  I had some time last week to quest on my pirate, Merciless Jennifer.  If you remember, I am using this pirate as an "experiment" pirate of sorts.  The goal was to exclude companions from my crew once they died in battle.  How is it going? Well, keep reading to find out.

Last time I posted, I had just reclaimed Avery's amulet from Finn Dorsal.  Then Avery sent me to track down Captain Gunn's treasure to get a chalice for him. I tracked down Ratbeard in the Kraken Skull Tavern cellar, where we hat to fight his minions with the help of Mormo.

After we defeated them, Mormo joined my crew.  I also visited Madame Vadmia and recruited Grimtooth.  I grabbed my raft and headed out to Traitor's Cave.  When I got there, I discovered the spirits of Ratbeard's crew.  Yes, he had betrayed them by poisoning their food!  In order to get them to help me find Ratbeard, I had to help them each with a quest so they could "move on."

I decided to do Moe's quest first, to find a necklace he had lost.  The quest started out fine.  I got the necklace, no companions died.

However, it led to another quest to track down the Dutchman's Gold Hook.  I fought some ships and talked to some people and eventually found out I had to go find the Marie Celestia.  This is where the trouble started.

 There were 3 fights on the Marie Celestia, a spooky ghost ship. (By the way, amazing job on this KI people! I love the whole game, but this is one of my favorite areas!)  The first fight, all the mobs decided to gang up on Bonnie Anne, and after a couple critical hits, she died.  Buh-bye Bonnie! :(

Still, I had 3 of my companions left, so I tackled the next fight.  I lost Kan Po in this one.  Down to 2 companions now.

The third fight was going better at first, but before the end, both Mormo and Grimtooth had fallen.  I was still able to complete the fight by myself, though it was a close one! However, I did not attempt to do the rest of the dungeon with only my pirate.

So I guess that is the end of that challenge.  My conclusion is one of two things. Either I am bad at Pirate101 or companions really are just THAT important to the game.  I am thinking it is actually both.  I am going to continue with this character, but with a new challenge.  I have to find the poll and check which one got the second most votes.  Once I do that, I will continue questing, finish that dungeon and make an update post.

Until next time, have fun! See you and thanks for reading!


Unknown said...

Bad luck haha, can't wait to hear the next part! :D