Monday, March 20, 2017

The Two Musketeers: Bandits and Ninjas

Ahoy Pirates!

Over the weekend, I got to quest in Pirate101, leveling up my Musketeer!  Edward Lifegem and I created our Musketeers a few years ago and decided to level them up together.  However, life got in the way and we hadn't quested on them at all for two years!  Autumn Walker and Edward Hawkins sure did miss us!

All that changed over the weekend.  After we both logged on separately and completed some promotion quests, we were able to continue with our main quests.  The first thing we did was crash a wedding! You can read about that part of our adventures on Edward's blog.

After we did all that, it was time to track down and fight the Inoshishi Chief, all as part of the plan to expose General Tso.  First we had to get the key to enter the tower by fighting some Inoshishi bandits outside.  Then we tackled the Bandit Tower with no problem.
After the Bandit Tower, we found out we had to go find the true leader over in the Bandit Cave.  This area took awhile, because there are many battles that need to be fought to collect talismans to unlock the portal.  All this fighting pigs made me hungry for BACON! :D  Even though it took awhile, we still made it through with no issues.

However, we discovered that Wan Mo was in trouble and we had to try to warn him before he was attacked.  He was in the middle of telling us about Malistaire's curse on the emperor when ninja pigs attacked and killed him!  We followed the ninja pigs to the Cavern of Whispers.

We entered and fought many fights against the ninja pigs.  At this point, we had been online for a few hours and I was in silly mode, so I spent more time joking around than paying attention to what we were doing.  We still managed to take care of the ninja pigs without much trouble.  There were a couple close calls with Bonnie Anne, but my healing pet managed to save her (as you can see in the image above).  I actually think the only companion we lost the entire time we were questing was my El Toro.  Not too shabby for a day's work!

Anyway, up next is the battle against Doctor Noh, who is responsible for all the Ninja Pig attacks!  I'm not sure when we will get to continue with that battle, but when we do, I will be sure to blog about it.  I am hoping to be able to keep up this series of posts as we quest.  Be sure to check out Edward's post (by clicking the link at the top of this post) and read about the first half of our adventures this weekend!  Also, be sure to watch for another Merciless Jennifer post coming by the end of the week.  Thanks for reading!