Wednesday, April 12, 2017

A Pack of Pirate101 Ideas

Hey Pirates!

Kingsisle announced another new pack for Wizard101 today and it got me thinking........again.  I would love to see some new packs in Pirate101.  This is something I have thought about quite a bit in the past, since I feel like it would be a good way to get Pirate101 some more support.  Here are five different pack ideas I have come up with that I think would be cool for KI to add to Pirate101.

Christmas pack - Even though we have the holiday gift boxes on Pirate101 (which are awesome!), I would love to see a Christmas themed pack. I would love to see a Christmas ship with coordinating ship equipment drop from a pack like this.  The deck could have ice on it, like a skating rink.  We could have a nutcracker figurehead.  Maybe garlands draped between the cannons.  Some other items that could drop from a Christmas pack are: holiday themed furniture, holiday companions (snowman or reindeer maybe), pets, holiday weapons, maybe nutcracker gear.  There really are a lot of possibilities for a pack like this.

Halloween Pack - Yes, another holiday pack, but Halloween is another awesome holiday that I feel deserves its own pack.  There is already a Halloween ship that is available, but more spooky ship equipment options would be cool.  It would also be awesome to have a Frankenstein/Frankenbunny or mummy companion that could drop from a pack like this.  Maybe we could have an epic drop that could be a haunted mansion. Or add a haunted mansion to the crowns shop and then have a selection of spooky housing items drop from the pack. Halloween costumes and face paint would also make cool drops! And how about a bat mount?

Class Specific Packs - I think it would be awesome to have five different packs, one for each of the five classes. These would drop class specific mounts, gear, pets, furniture items and companions. They could even feature a rare class specific power or talent that would only be available from the pack.  For example, the Witchdoctor pack could drop one or two sets of Witchdoctor gear and a cool staff or crystal ball weapon.  It could also drop a Witchdoctor companion, a voodoo doll pet, and some type of Witchdoctor mount. The power could be a fortune teller's spell or something that would allow you to see the opponent's next move so you can counter it. As fillers, have the usual pet snacks and furniture items, focusing on the Witchdoctor class, like skulls, WD banners, cauldrons, etc.  This example is for Witchdoctors (obviously) but the same could be done for all classes.

Nautical Pack - This pack would be everything ship/nautical related.  It could drop a couple different types of ships, tons of ship equipment, and maybe a ship cabin with cabin-type furniture.  This pack most likely wouldn't have companions, but it could have NCP's (like in Wizard101) that could be placed on your ship to look like crew mates.  It could also feature a skiff mount that could carry you as well as a couple of companions, or even just your first mate. Another idea I had for this pack is "NXP Tomes."  These would be similar to companion training tomes, except each one could give 100-200 nautical experience points and would only be available from the nautical pack. Another idea for this that I had (although I don't know that it would make a good drop item from a pack) is a house turret boss.  It could be a housing item that had a sigil for 4 people to enter.  When they did, they would be in a sky area and automatically equip their ship. There would be a turret boss to fight, based on the levels of the pirates in the battle, kind of like Smuggler's Arena, but for ships. This would probably be a better idea as a crowns shop item, but I figured I would mention it here anyway.

Treasure Hunter's Pack - This pack could feature items that focus on treasure or gold.  Chocolate coin mega pet snacks, a treasure chest pet that attacks by shooting gold coins at enemies, suits of armor for gear, treasure housing items, etc.  The main focus of this pack would be treasure maps though.  There could be new secret bosses in each world that drop rare items.  The treasure maps that drop from the pack could lead you these bosses, giving you access to fight them. This would be similar to skeleton key bosses in Wizard101, but with a pirate theme.  You would need the treasure map for the correct world to access its boss. For example, only a Marleybone treasure map could access the Marleybone bosses.

Anyway, these are just some of my ideas.  Pirate101 has so much potential, I would really like to see more things added to the game.  I know many of my ideas may be too far "out there" to actually be included at this point, but you never know.  Just.....please, please, please give us more Pirate101 content, Kingsisle!

Anyway, what are some ideas you would like to see in Pirate101 packs?  Comment below and let me know! Thanks for reading!


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It's like someone read every Pirate's mind!