Sunday, April 9, 2017

Fansite Festival Recap Post

Hey Party Peoples!

Yesterday was Fansite Festival.  It was so much fun!  I got to go to several events other than my own and all of them were amazing!  Thanks to all the fansites who had an event, everyone who attended and especially to Fansite Festival for organizing everything.  Also, thanks to Kingsisle who provided the codes for all the contests and giveaways!

Around the Spiral and I had scheduled our NXP event to start at 3:00pm EST.  I got there a little after 2:00 and people were already there!  By the time 3:00 rolled around, we had quite a gathering! I am so happy that Pirate101 still has many players who support the game!

We headed to Calabria Skyway and spent about an hour and a half or so fighting ships.  I had some people hanging out on my ship during the event who were not impressed by my sailing. But making people dizzy is fun! Haha, just kidding. If you guys are reading this, sorry! Anyway, here are a couple pics I managed to get during the ship-sinking.

During the event, I also gifted packs to everyone who attended.  So if you were at the event yesterday, and had me added, be sure to check your gifts! Near the end of the event, Edward also gifted some prizes as rewards for trivia.  He gave away packs, ship equipment and even the Skiff mount!

One other contest we had was a screenshot contest.  People who attended sent us their screenshots on Twitter and three random winners were chosen.  Here are the winning screenshots:
First Prize - @_MrWolfy_
Second Prize - @jclegoman10302
Third Prize - @CapnLoganWest
After our event, I headed back to Wizard101 and hung out at Duelist's PVP event for awhile, where I found Kevin the Noob!

Then I spent some time watching Vanessa Mythdust's BINGO stream, as well as some other streams.  It really was a fun day and thanks again to everyone who participated!  I cannot wait for next year's Fansite Festival!  If you attended, comment below and let me know your favorite part of the day.  Also, what other types of events would you like to see next year?  Thanks for reading! :)


Iridian Willowglen said...

Thanks for hosting your event. I tried to attend as many things as I could. It was great how many wizards turned out for everything. I love how crowded all the events were! It really was a fun-filled day!