Saturday, April 22, 2017

Merciless Jennifer: The Bunny, the Rat, and the Volcano

Ahoy Pirates!

At the end of my last Merciless Jennifer post, I left off right as I was about to seek out One Eyed Jack so he could help me find Ratbeard.

I headed over to The Block Spot and talked to the barkeep.  He told me Jack may be collecting rent from Sally.  When my crew and I got to Sally's place, she was being attacked by some scoundrels set on her by Ratbeard!  Luckily my job was to just get rid of the bad guys and not protect her, because one critical hit and she was dead.  However, I did manage to get rid of them with no other problems.

Anyway, Sally hadn't seen Jack, but she sent me to talk to Ned who told me......that the barkeep IS Jack.  That rascally rabbit!  So I headed back to Jack and he told me he had promised Ratbeard to let him know if anyone was looking for him.  However, he did tell me where I could find him if I hurried.

I got to Ratbeard's hideout too late! Right as I arrived, he jumped out the window and left a burning paper, which turned out to be Captain Gunn's will.  We saved it, but the last part that told us the location of the treasure was burned, so Ratbeard had a head start.  Instead we headed to Gunn's Refuge in Corsair's Channel where we found another clue that told us to find Honest Ned's grave in Shady Hollow.  Once at Shady Hollow, my crew and I had to fight some undead to reach Old Scratch, before we had a showdown with him.

The battle with Old Scratch was pretty easy.  Two rounds and it was over.  After the battle, Old Scratch joined my crew at level 13!

Old Scratch told me where to find Honest Ned's grave and there was another clue there, saying to go to Bounty Island.  So off we sailed.  When we got there, there was an old Crab named Squinty who said he had been digging there and searching for the treasure for years, with no luck.  However, he did let us onto the island, where a series of clues had us rig a cannon to blow open the gate to the entrance of the tomb.

We entered the tomb and found that the treasure had already been stolen!  Squinty had also followed us down and was mad we found the tomb first, so he set his crabs on us!  We fought them off with no issues and then Squinty realized the treasure was already gone anyway.

After that, Old Scratch used some hoodoo to make Captain Gunn talk to us and tell us where his treasure went.  He said Ratbeard sent in some water moles to steal the treasure and that they were gving it as a sacrifice to their fire god on Waponi Wu.  So that's where we headed next! First we had to fight our way through several water moles and then headed up to the volcano.

At this point I took a detour and revisited all the previous areas I had completed in search of side quests.  I was still level 12 and knew I was about to recruit Ratbeard, so I wanted to level up if possible, so that Ratbeard would be a higher level when I recruited him.  However, nothing new had opened up, except one small quest that didn't offer enough xp to help me level up.  I did it anyway and then headed into the volcano.

The first battle was against a couple fish.  I only had one companion, so it took a few rounds, but still went well.  The second battle was against a bunch of water moles, which also went well.

After that, we reached the top of the volcano, where Ratbeard was captured and the water moles were throwing all the treasure into the fire!

So to stop the water moles and save Ratbeard, we had to defeat Chumba Wumba.  During this battle, Mormo ended up dying, but Dead Mike and Old Scratch were a lot of help!

After Chumba Wumba was defeated, he came back to life! There were 3 totems giving him his power that needed to be destroyed.  I sent my pirate, Dead Mike, and Old Scratch each to destroy one of the totems and Chumba Wumba was defeated for good!

After discussing it with my crew, we decided to let Ratbeard join up with us.  He is also level 13, so I am currently using Ratbeard (13), Old Scratch (13), and Dead Mike (12).

Kan Po (2), Bonnie Anne (3), and Mormo (5) have all been pretty much retired.  Unfortunately I can't set them to get NXP or anything for me, because that feature isn't available for companions under level 8.  I may just put them in my house or something.  I haven't decided yet.  Also, I am hoping some side quests that offer companions will open up soon, just in case.  I honestly forget when I recruit my next main quest companion.  However, I do still have Grimtooth waiting in the wings, just in case.

Next up Avery wants me to bring the Chalice I recovered from Captain Gunn's treasure to Puerto Mico as a gift to help set up a treaty.  So we'll see how that goes.  I also leveled up to level 13 when I went to talk to Avery.  I am hoping to have time to quest and make another post during the week, so be sure to watch for it! Until then, thanks for reading and have fun!