Monday, April 17, 2017

Merciless Jennifer: The Frogfather


My last post ended with Merciless Jennifer heading off to find the Frogfather, so she could get some information from him about Ratbeard's location.  I had to talk to Captain Ahab first to gain access to The Frogfather.  Unfortunately he did not want to help me.  However, he did need my help finding a fisherman named Brody, who was being attacked by storm sharks!

After rescuing Brody, Captain Ahab told me about his son Norville who was also missing.  I went to Rapa Nui to try to find him and heard about a rat pirate who turned traitor and sided with the Waponis against the Nui.  I had to fight off some Waponi ships so that the Nui chief would help me find Norville.

I found out Norville was captured by pirates!  I had to track him by talking to Skinny Pete and Blind Mew.  That led my crew and I into battle in the sewers.

Defeating the sewer enemies wasn't bad at all.  Everything went smoothly and Norville was rescued.  He also let slip some interesting info about how some profits went to the Frogfather. Interesting.  Anyway, back on Jonah Town, Captain Ahab finally told me how to find the Frogfather. He lived in......the Gullet.......which is the inside of the whale and smells real good. :D

After a trial battle, which was also fairly simple, I had the password (ribbit) and could get in to see the Frogfather.

The Frogfather told me that if I helped him get some spices from the Presidio, he would help me find Ratbeard.  So I headed there, where all things were Monquistan.  I will be honest and say that I remember this dungeon being more difficult.  I'm not sure if it was nerfed or if I have just gotten better at the game, but even with my low level companions, I had no trouble.  After many fights with Monquistans and rescuing Dead Mike, I had the spices and I was on my way back to the Gullet.  

Back at the Frogfather, he told me he promised Ratbeard that he won't reveal his location to anyone.  However, One Eyed Jack owes him a favor, so he is passing that favor on to me.  That means I am headed to Flotsam to talk to One Eyed Jack.  I also recruited a new companion, Dead Mike!  

He is level 12, so I think that will help a lot.  He should be much stronger than Mormo, who is level 5.  This also means you most likely won't be seeing much more of Kan Po, since he is only level 2.  I'm not sure if any of my other pirates recruited Dead Mike or not.  I don't think they have, but I may be wrong.  I am curious to see how well he does.  

Anyway, that's all for now. I hope you all come back in a few days to see what One Eyed Jack has to say!  Thanks for reading and see you soon! :)