Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Merciless Jennifer Part 5: Manny's Quest

Hey Piratey Peoples!

I'm back today to talk about Merciless Jennifer's final Traiter's Cave quest, the one to help Manny.  If you are curious what this character has been up to until now, you can see all her posts here.

Manny went to a cave with his captain (Zadok) to find some long lost gold.  Well when they got there, they heard some scary monsters and Manny, with the rest of the crew, took off, locking Zadok inside.  My crew and I ventured into the cave, where we found Zadok, who seemed...well...completely crazy! We decided to help him try to get his gold anyway.  We ventured up the elevator and met Aztecosaurs! They came to this place to hide out from the Queen of Shadows. Sound familiar wizards?  Anyway, we had to help the Aztecosaurs with a few things....getting food and finding a crystal skull to help protect them from a spell.

We got the skull for them, but it wouldn't protect them for long, so what we really had to do was track down the one who made the spell, Ch'ok Ak'ab.  We headed for the temple, but some of the Aztecosaurs didn't trust us since they had been betrayed by Morganthe back in Azteca.  This meant we had to fight our way in, and then fight our way through the whole temple.

My crew and I reached the end of the temple, where there were 3 statues we had to destroy in order to break the spell.  We destroyed the first and second statues, but when we went to destroy the third, there was a bunch of enemies guarding it.  Still, we didn't have to fight the enemies. We just had to get to the statue and destroy it.  However, the enemies were attacking me and my crew. Plus the statue needed 250 damage to break it, the most damage I have had to do to anything so far.  For the most part, I just had my crew run at the statue and attack.  I mainly attacked the statue as well, although a couple area attacks did hit some enemies. We managed to complete this battle in just a few turns, with only Kan Po dying (big surprise)!

So the Aztecosaurs gave us some gold for helping them out, which we brought back to Zadok. He forgave Manny, which allowed him to find peace.  We talked to Lasko, who had said he would help us find Ratbeard.  Come to find out, he doesn't actually know where Ratbeard went. However, he did point me in the direction of Jonas Town, where we may find someone who can help us out.  I guess we will see what happens next time.  Until then, have fun and thanks for reading!