Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Taking the Spiral by Storm: Firecat Alley

Hello Young Wizards!

The last time I posted about Autumn Rain, she had just finished Triton Avenue.  Next up was Firecat Alley, where I talked to Private Quinn. He was worried because the fire elves he was supposed to meet with never showed up.

I headed into Firecat Alley and fought a bunch of fire elves.  Private Quinn was surprised when I reported back about how they were behaving.

He sent me to talk to Gretta, who said she could help out by making a potion.  I had to fight a bunch of magma men, skeletons and more elves to gather everything.  Lots and lots of fighting, but everything went well.....except the fizzling as always! :)

The last thing Gretta needed was hair from Bastilla Gravewynd.  This was a boss fight where I had to defeat Bastilla and a fire elf.  I took out the elf first and then attacked Bastilla with Storm Shark!  I also learned that Malistaire is behind cursing the elves as well.

Once Gretta made the potion, I had to give it to the fire elves.  This involved fighting them to get them to take the potion.  Then I had to fight their leader, Alican Swiftarrow.  This last battle wasn't too tough.  It was Alicane and a magma man.  I used lightning bats on the magma man and then storm shark on Alicane.  I think I had to use a couple wands after to completely defeat him, but it went smoothly.

So the fire elves are back to normal.  Next up is Cyclops Lane, which I will hopefully do this week and post about on Friday.  Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, but I got my first power pip while questing in Firecat Alley!  Hopefully I can get new gear soon that raises my accuracy and power pip chance.  That will make things go better, I think.  Anyway, until next time, have fun and thanks for reading! :)