Sunday, April 23, 2017

Taking the Spiral by Storm: The Pyramid of the Sun

Hey everyone!

Wow, I am on a roll with the posts lately!  I hope you all aren't getting tired of reading them.  I have been so busy with questing and want to keep my posts up to date, so I don't get too far behind and forget what happened while questing.

In my last post, Autumn Rain was ready to enter Krokotopia, having finished all her quests in Wizard City.  Ambrose had discovered that Malistaire was going there to track down the Order of the Fang.  I entered Krokotopia at level 17.5 and by the time I finished all the side quests I could access, I was ready to begin the main story quests at level 19.5.

The Royal Hall
My first task was to track down and obelisk that Professor Winthrop had just uncovered and take rubbings so he could read the inscriptions. The inscriptions detailed the Krokonomicon, which was a powerful book of magic.  To find out more about the Krokonomicon and the Order of the Fang, I needed to get an ancient tablet back from Biti Nirini by defeating him. This led Professor Winthrop to believe the Order of the Fang is still around and hiding somewhere.

Chamber of Fire
I headed to the Chamber of Fire to help Professor Danforth get into the Palace, where there is a Map Room that would help find out the location of the Order of the Fang.  There was a stone key that had been split into 2 pieces.  The first half was easy to recover by digging it up.  To obtain the second half, I needed to defeat the Nirini Qurtermaster and take the key from him.

Palace of Fire
Inside the Palace of Fire, I needed to help hold back the Kroks from escaping the pyramid and then defeat the four Nirini leaders so that the barrier into the Throne Room and Map Room would be broken.

Throne Room of Fire
Once inside the Throne Room of Fire, I met up with Professor Winthrop in the Map Room.  He told me we needed a powerful magical artifact, the serpent staff, to locate the Order of the Fang.  I had to defeat Prince Manu Nirini to get the staff.  Then we needed the Eye of the Krok, which had been stolen by Krokenkahmen. I defeated him and then we were ready to locate the Order of the Fang.

A note about the above image: No, I do not have Stormzilla yet.  That is a treasure card I received as a drop.  It was a huge help with defeating Krokenkahmen though!  Anyway, we found out the Order of the Fang is hiding out on the Krokosphinx, so that's where I am headed next.  I am currently level 22.  Being ahead level-wise is extremely helpful, because I can get better gear and have trained more spells.

I should have my next post in a few days, so be sure to watch for it!  Until then, have fun and thanks for reading!