Monday, April 10, 2017

Taking the Spiral by Storm: Triton Avenue

Hey guys!

As promised on Twitter, here is another magical wizarding post for you!  I haven't gotten too far with questing Autumn Rain, but much of that is because I have been running around doing side quests to help me level quicker so i can get gear with more accuracy.  Man, these fizzles are not fun!  However, that's okay, because just like all schools, storm does have its own being completely overpowered!

Last time I left off, I was getting ready to talk to Private Muldoon in Olde Town.  He had three separate quests for me and I chose to do the Triton Avenue quests first.  As instructed, I headed there to talk to Susie Gryphonbane.  Susie's brother was missing and she asked me to help find him.

I found his broken wand at the entrance to the Haunted Cave and brought it back to Susie.  She then asked me to talk to Duncan Grimwater to help find out what happened to her brother. Of course this led to fighting all sorts of things, like Fodders and Banshees. I also had to track down some lumina crystals......At least I think that's what they were called. I kind of forget. :D

All this eventually led to the revelation that Susie's bother had been taken by the Harvest Lord, who is working with none other than.......Malistaire!

Defeating the Harvest Lord and his minion wasn't too much trouble, beside the fizzles that I mentioned above. A couple lightning bats took care of him, no problem!  After I finished the main quests, I did the side quests, which led to fighting Kraken.  I wanted to mention this, because I remember spending so much time farming him and meeting new people right after I started playing back in 2010.  So I guess I'm being nostalgic, but those are some of my first memories from Wizard101.

Next up, I'm thinking I am going to tackle Firecat Alley.  I will post as soon as I get that done, hopefully this week.  Until then, have fun and thanks for reading! :)