Saturday, April 22, 2017

Taking the Spiral by Storm: Wizard City Side Areas

Hello magical people!

When I last posted, I had just finished defeating Lord Nightshade and received the spiral key to Krokotopia so I could track down Malistaire and the Order of the Fang.  However, before I entered the new world, I wanted to finish up all the side quests in Wizard City.  I did many as I was questing, but quite a few kept opening up.  This post won't talk about all of them, but I did want to make a post about the major side areas in Wizard City.

Crab Alley
Sohomer Sunblade asked me to see what was going on with the storm mill's batteries in Crab Alley.  I went down into Crab Alley and found out that King Thermidor has been acting weird. He had locked up his adviser Thomas Cromshell and the riverclaws were taking over.  After some investigating, I found out the current king as actually an impostor.  After many battles, I managed to track down King Thermidor, fix the storm batteries and save Crab Alley!

Colossus Boulevard
After that, I found out that Gobblers had taken over Colossus Boulevard.  After fighting a few, I went to talk to Professor Greyrose who suggested a potion made out of stinkweed.  The potion didn't work, so I went to talk to the Gobbler King. He wanted to take over Wizard City, so I went to talk to Ambrose to get more suggestions.  After going back and defeating a bunch of gobblers to test their strength, Ambrose suggested defeating the Gobbler Kings closest advisers, Barons Greebly and Rotunda.  After that, the Gobbler King relented, but Ambrose agreed to let them keep Colossus Boulevard.

Sunken City
The last area I went to complete was a dungeon, and it was a little different, because I did not do it solo.  Since this is a hard dungeon for the level I was (14ish), I decided to bring along my life wizard.  Edward Lifegem also came along on his new wizard, Suri Skullshard, so he could get more xp for her.

Anyway, we had to help Marla Stinger prove to Cyrus Drake that Grubb actually exists and wasnt just a myth.  We fought a couple bosses and did a tower before we actually discovered and fought Grubb.  Since we had a level 120 life wizard with us, this actually went very quickly, but it was still a lot of fun!

So I finished every single side quest in Wizard City, except the fishing stuff, mainly because I need more gold to buy fishing spells.  I will be starting Krokotopia at level 17.5, so I will be very far ahead.  That should help my questing go faster.  Anyway, thanks for reading and I will be back in a couple days with a post about the first part of Krokotopia.  Have fun!