Saturday, April 8, 2017

The Two Musketeers: Turtle Balls


The Two Musketeers (Autumn Walker and Edward Hawkins) are back!  This time were were off to Subata Skyway in Mooshu, trying to find Cao Tzu so that he could translate the pieces of Marco Pollo's map for us.

Cao Tzu resides in Maruzame, a castle/city that is on top of a giant turtle.  To summon the turtle, we needed to find all the turtle balls.  This quest brought us to all corners of Subata Skyway, as well as back to Khotan Skyway briefly.

Along the way we rescued the Monkey King, who then betrayed us and was eventually tamed and forced to serve in our crew.  We took control of a giant Robot and fought Stormzilla (pics above).  We crushed bad guys, blew up ships, and uncovered an impostor. All in a day's work! Because that is what pirates do, right?

After all that, we finally had all five turtle balls and were able to summon the giant turtle! Isn't he cute? :)

We headed on over, but before we could see Cao Tzu, we had to defeat the guardians in each of the five different temples: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.

I have to say, Mr. Hawkins and I make a great team!  We really didn't have much trouble with this world at all! And it went fairly quickly.  We made so much progress in just a couple days!  Anyway, after we defeated all the guardians, we were allowed to see Cao Tzu.  So that was it for Mooshu.  Next up is my absolute favorite world, Marleybone!  So exciting!

Just a quick note about this series of posts.  You may have noticed that this post wasn't as detailed about the storyline as my others.  I did this on purpose.  Since I am starting the game from the beginning with Merciless Jennifer, I have decided to just give quick recaps of each area in my musketeer posts and more detailed storyline posts for that other character.  I figure that will be less repetitive for all of you to read.

Anyway, look for my next post about our progress through Marleybone soon!  Thanks for reading! :)