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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Wizard101 Decaversary Balloon Run

Hello everyone!

Wizard101's 10th birthday is coming up fast!  In fact, it's this coming Sunday, September 2nd.  All throughout the month of September, the official fansites will be having events and giveaways to celebrate this milestone.

I am participating in the celebration by hosting a Balloon Run with Edward Lifegem on Sunday, September 9th. After the main event, we will be porting to a house for an after party with PVP, games, and many other surprises. I will post the details below, so get your birthday gear ready (or any gear if you don't have birthday gear) and keep reading to find out how to join!

Edward Lifegem & Autumn Dreamwalker

Sunday, September 9th

1pm PDT - 3pm CDT - 4pm EDT


Greyrose - All areas

Twitch Stream
Starts at 12:30pm PDT - 2:30pm CDT - 3:30pm EDT

This event will be a little different than our other events, but it will still be fun, with plenty of activities planned. I hope to see you there!  I also mentioned the other fansites will be celebrating as well.  You can see their schedule of events below.  Be sure to keep an eye on all the official fansites for details about their events and contests!

Here are some direct links to more info about the various fansite events:

September will be an amazing month for the community.  I hope you all enjoy everything that is planned!  Happy Birthday, Wizard101!

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Streaming Announcement

Hey everyone!

I am excited to announce that starting Tuesday, September 4, 2018, I will be streaming on Twitch three times per week with Edward Lifegem!  We will be streaming both Wizard101 and Pirate101.  We want to make sure that we have streams that will be interesting for everyone so we will be mixing it up from week to week and stream to stream.  At the beginning of every week, we will be announcing the theme for each stream.  You can see the schedule below.

We will be streaming every TuesdayThursday, and Sunday from 7pm - 9pm Eastern.  Please note that we will not be having streams on holidays, and at times even around certain holidays, as we will be spending time with our families.  Every week you can check below to see the theme for each stream.

Tuesday, Sept 4th
Helping viewers!
If you are stuck with a battle or quest in W101
let us know and we will help!

Thursday, Sept. 6th
New Pirate Questing!
Create a new pirate and join us in questing on our new pirates

Sunday, Sept. 9th
3:30pm EDT - TBD
Balloon Run
Join us for this fun event celebrating Wizard101's 10th birthday!
**Please notice the time change**

These streams will be a great way for us to connect and interact with the community in a new-to-us way.  If you have ever joined in our event streams before, you know how random they can be.  We feel like it makes them more fun...Plus we are just random in general.  If you have never joined in before, I hope you will stop by and see what we're all about. We always have a good time and everyone is welcome!  As I mentioned, I am super excited about this new chapter and I hope you all are too!

Monday, August 27, 2018

Secrets of the Spiral Relaunch Contest

Hey everyone!

As you may have noticed, this site has a whole new look!  I have been working hard on updating the graphics and color scheme.  Along with this, I have removed some of the old content and am going to be focusing on adding newer sections to the blog for Animal Cove, new guides, and more surprises!

To celebrate all these changes, I am going to have a small contest for my readers.  Keep reading to find out how to enter.

This will be a raffle.  To enter please send an email to and include all of the following:

  • Subject line "Relaunch Contest"
  • Your wizard's name
  • One idea that you would like to see implemented on my blog or an idea of how to improve it.
All entries must be received by midnight on Friday, September 7, 2018.  The winners will be announced on Saturday, September 8th.  What will the winners receive?  There will be three winners as follows:

  • First Prize - Accursed Play Gauntlet Bundle
  • Second Prize - Battlemage Keep Bundle
  • Third Prize - 5,000 crowns
Again, this is a raffle, so everyone has an equal chance of winning, as long as they follow the rules.  I will be taking everyone's ideas into consideration for future content and updates on the blog.  I may even post a few of my favorites when I announce the winners.  Good luck to everyone who enters and I hope you all enjoy the new site!