Wednesday, September 12, 2018

New Pirate101 Updates and a Streaming Announcement

Ahoy pirates!

Guess what happened this morning! Pirate101 released a new update to the live game! I am so excited about this one if you can't tell from all the exclamation points!!!!!!!!! Okay, I will stop shouting at you all now, but seriously I am so excited.  I always love new Pirate101 content and while this update isn't a storyline update, it does add some cool new features.  Let's take a look at them.

Old Scratch Promotion - I love the companion promotion quests and this one is super cool and spooky!  Once you are level 70 and promote Old Scratch to level 70, you can do a promotion quest for him! And this particular update actually leads into the next one.

Skeleton Key Bosses - If you play Wizard101, you may already be familiar with skeleton key bosses, but they are a new addition to Pirate101.  You access the first one (Old Scratch) during Old Scratch's promotion quest. After that, there are three more as well, Captain Blood, Brass Monkey, and Duck of Death.  These bosses are TOUGH, so be prepared!

Quest Finder - Having trouble finding those hidden side quests?  Now Pirate101 has a quest finder!  To activate it, just click the quest finder box in your quest book and the quest arrow will direct you to the closest quest you haven't collected yet.

Other updates include backpack item lock, increased space elixirs for the friends list, backpack, and banks, new pet names, member benefits and many more!  You can see the complete list of updates by clicking here: Pirate101 Updates.

To celebrate the release of these updates to the live game, Edward and I will be streaming a run through of the Skeleton Key bosses this Sunday during our stream.  We will be looking for 2 more level 70 people who have skeleton keys to join us so we can complete all four bosses.  Let us know if you are interested!  Of course, more are welcome to join in and we can split into groups too, so if you have a level 70 pirate with a level 70 Old Scratch, meet up with us in Avery's Court, One-Eyed Jack realm on Sunday at 7pm EDT!  Hope to see you there!


Divine Diviner said...

Are you choosing the 2 in game or? this is my first time in one of these lol

Autumn DreamWalker said...

Sorry, I just saw this! But for future reference, when we have streams like this we usually decide as a group what we are going to do :) Hope to see you in game!