Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Balloon Run Recap

Hey everyone!

As you might know, Wizard101's 10th birthday is this month.  Many of the fansites are having events and contests to celebrate.  I hosted a Balloon Run with Edward Lifegem from Around the Spiral this past Sunday.  It was a ton of fun and we streamed the entire event.

Photo courtesy of @eclipsefoxart

We started off just hanging out in Ravenwood and talking with everyone.  Many people showed up early and it was fun interacting.  Kingsisle was awesome and provided us with a code for 1-Day balloon mounts for everyone to use during the event. There may be some mounts left on this code, so try it out if you would like your own 1-Day Balloon mount.  The code is: Balloons1DaySOTS.

Once everyone had their mounts, we took a few pictures and then it was time to.....well not run, but float!  We went around Ravenwood 5 times and then around the Commons 5 times to signify 10 years of Wizard101.
Photo courtesy of @ChrissyzTweet
After the run, it was time for hide and seek, where 3 winners each won a permanent balloon mount!  Then it was time to port to my Celestial Observatory for the after party.
Photo courtesy of @isaiah_hexrider
The main part of the after party was the scavenger hunt, where people had to find 5 specific items and email screenshots of them to us.  The winner of that contest was Isaiah Hexrider.  Congrats Isaiah! The scavenger hunt ended up being more difficult than we had planned and took a lot longer than expected, but I still think people had fun with it.  After that, we had a few housing games for Party Corgi pets and also another mini hide and seek for Decaversary packs.
Photo courtesy of @GriffTheWiz
I would like to thank everyone who showed up!  I think this was a really fun event and I had a lot of fun hanging out with everyone!  Congrats to all the winners of the contests and thank you to Kingsisle for providing all the codes for the rewards!
Photo courtesy of @DezzyLCrafter
There is still a lot more going on throughout the rest of the month.  Check out all the official fansites for contests and you can see the rest of the scheduled events below.  Thanks again to everyone and Happy 10th Birthday, Wizard101!