Friday, September 7, 2018

New Pirate Questing Part 1

Hey everyone!

Last night was my and Edward Lifegem's first official Pirate101 stream since we decided to start streaming on a schedule.  We decided that Thursdays will be Pirate101 days and we are dedicating them to leveling new pirates, with a twist!

The questing group!

The twist is that we invited everyone to create a new pirate and join us in questing each Thursday while we stream!  We had several people join us and it was so much fun!  My son even joined us in the game and on the stream.  We started right at the beginning, by talking to Captain Avery.  We quested through most of the free to play areas, defeating troggies and cutthroats along the way.

After we got to Traitor's Cave on Blood Shoals, we started Manny's quest and stopped when we got to the quest "Lizard City." At that point, it was time for some nautical leveling!
So many rafts! Btw, it is extremely hard to make a line of ships.....

Nautical leveling is one of my favorite things in Pirate101, but I had never had an NXP event with a bunch of rafts! It was really a lot of fun! We fought the ships in Skull Island Skyway near Dead-Eye Deidre.  This gave us a chance to gang up on her and get some decent ship equipment drops.

So that was two hours of a lot of fun! If you missed the stream yesterday and would like to join us in the future, you can catch up.  I will post the information about where we left off below, and I will also post it on my streaming page each week.  We actually won't be streaming on September 13th, so that gives everyone 2 weeks to get a membership or crowns to buy areas and catch up to where we are.  After that, we are going to try to stream every Thursday, unless something comes up.
Thanks to Chrissy for this great shot of Triton sinking a ship!

Next Pirate101 Questing Stream:
Thursday, September 20, 2018
6pm CDT / 7pm EDT

Quest where we stopped:  
Lizard City (Blood Shoals, Traitor's Cave, Manny's quest)


Nautical Level:
I hope to see you in 2 weeks at our next Pirate101 stream!  Or before that at one of our other streams!  Until then, have fun questing! :)