Monday, October 22, 2018

Community Corner Post #1

Hello everyone!

A couple weeks ago, I made a Community Corner post asking you all what baby animal you would like to see added to Animal Cove.  A couple of you answered and here's what you had to say:

"We need the hedgehog as a pet from the Animal Cove puzzles, complete with its cute little noises!" -Iridan Willowglen

"Snow owl or a mystic garden owl." -Janet Alley

As for me, now that Animal Cove has added the mythical animals, I would love to see a baby dragon or a baby pegasus added.  I think that would be super awesome! The baby dragon could be all cute and harmless, but think he is fierce and if he tries to breathe fire, puffs of smoke could come out of his mouth instead.

Anyway, thanks to those of you who participated!  I will be posting more topics soon, possibly even today! Keep your answers coming! It's never too late to reply to any topic.  See you soon!