Monday, October 29, 2018

Halloween Run 2018 Recap

Hey everyone!

Wowza! Yesterday was the day of the Halloween Run and it was so much fun!  You can see a recap in White Tiger's video below.

We kicked off the stream at 12pm CDT and we already had a few areas of people at that time.  After some time dancing, we headed off to farm Lord Nightshade and Nosferabbit for a bit.
After the farming, we had lots of other activities such as Hide and Seek and a Skeletal Pirate Raid.  We also brought everyone Trick or Treating around Wizard City where everyone present received codes for skeleton keys, crowns, mega snack pack, and a jack o'lantern pet!  It was so much fun and I think everyone that was there would agree with me! But even after all that, we still had one more trick up our sleeves.  Everyone received a rare 1-Day Bone Dragon mount courtesy of Kingsisle!
Photo courtesy of Victoria
We ran all the way through Wizard City and then it was time for the after parties! There were three houses.  One was a maze by Sarah Skystrider, which was aMAZEing! The other two were my house and Gabby's house, where we had housing games, pvp, and contests.  Gabby even had a dance off which looked like a lot of fun, and I had Pumpkin Tic-tac-toe! :)
Photo courtesy of Chrissy
I really think this was one of our best events ever! I had so much fun with everyone from the community and I can't wait until our next event!  Speaking of which.....we announce the dates for the Turkey Run and Santa Run at the end of the stream! You can see those dates below.  See you soon!