Saturday, October 13, 2018

Stream Recap - October 12. 2018

Hey Everyone!

Sunday night's stream was focused on doing a few different low-level dungeons.  We started out with the Sunken City, Helping Marla prove to Cyrus that Grubb really is real.  There were four of us in this dungeon, so we breezed through it with no problem, although we did get caught a few times.  However, before we knew it, we were at Grubb and we were able to defeat him within a few rounds!
After completing Sunken City, we headed to the Haunted Cave to fight the Nosferabbit.  This dungeon had quite a few fights, but we were able to make it through without any issues.  This is probably because we had a couple higher levels tagging along. Thanks, you guys!  SO yeah, the Veggies and Rabbit didn't stand a chance against us!
After we defeated the Nosferabbit, we were messing around with the transformations a bit and took the picture below as manders.  Then we headed to Jack's house to do the Winterbane Gauntlet, which neither Ed or I had ever done before.  It was fun, even though Edward and I both died.  Luckily we could flee and run back into the battle.  We were on our level 20 characters, so it was good that we had Jack and Talon with us to help out! We never would have made it by ourselves! And we got to level up to level 21 at the end of the dungeon, so that was awesome!  I think this stream was my favorite Sunday night stream so far, so thank you all for coming out and making it so much fun!

On Tuesday we started Krokotopia with our new wizards! We actually made it through all of the main quests in the pyramid of fire.  There are also a bunch of side quests that everyone can catch up on this week.  Anyway, we had to defeat a bunch of Nirini bosses, but it wasn't too difficult with the group.  I think everyone had fun questing through this area...More fun than questing through Crab Alley anyway! Much fewer instances of getting caught.  We left off right when we got to Krokosphinx, so that's where we will be starting on Tuesday.
Next Stream: Tuesday, October 16th
Quest: Fandango
Realm: Kelvin

As you may have noticed, I forgot to take screenshots once again. Oh well.  I will remember one of these days :D  One thing we did decide on during the stream is that we will be questing through Grizzleheim and Wysteria as a group, so if you would like to participate in that, be sure to level up with side quests!

Thursday was exciting because it was the first week in awhile we weren't questing through the Traitor's Cave quests!  We got to go to Jonah Town and talk to the Frogfather.  He sent us to the Presidio, where we collected some rare spices for him.  We also earned a new companion (I got the crab companion) as well as a new ship!
After that, the Frogfather gave us information about where we could find the map to get Gunn's Gold.  That led us to Ratbeard, but he escaped! So we ended up chasing him to Bounty Island, which is a fun little dungeon to do.  We found out that Ratbeard brought the gold to the Volcano, so that's where we left off for next week.
Next Stream: Thursday, October 18th
Quest: Gunn's Gold
Realm: One-Eyed Jack

Anyway, lots of fun stuff going on!  I hope we will see you all during our streams this coming week! Next week I will be trying a different format for these posts, since making one big post on Friday doesn't seem to be working for me.  Instead, look for posts on Wednesdays and Fridays. Until then, have fun questing!