Saturday, October 20, 2018

Stream Recap - October 19th

Hello everyone!

Time for another stream recap post.  On Sunday we fought Medulla with help from @CTheDeathWizard.  We died A LOT, but we did manage to make it through.  I once again forgot to take pictures, but you can see our struggles by clicking here: Medulla Stream

Wizard101 Group Questing
Tuesday was another group questing stream in Wizard101 and this time we all transformed into Krokomummies! We were working our way through the Krokosphinx and we got about halfway done with it, maybe a bit further.  This time I did remember to take some screenshots, thanks to @Iridian_Willow reminding me! Thank you, Iridian! You can see the quest we left off at down below.  If you would like to visit the stream, you can see it here: Wizard101 Group Questing
 Next Stream: Tuesday, October 23rd @ 6pm CDT / 7pm EDT
Realm: Kelvin
Quest: Gladiator Games

Pirate101 Group Questing
Thursday was another group questing stream in Pirate101 and we made it to a new skyway! We finished Volcano and recruited Ratbeard to our crew and then headed off to Puerto Mico in the Tradewinds Skyway.  Unfortunately throughout this stream Discord was messing up, so I wasn't able to talk as much at the end of the stream, but it was still a fun stream.  You can see where we left off below and watch the stream here: Pirate101 Group Questing
Next Stream: Thursday, October 25th @ 6pm CDT / 7pm EDT
Realm: One-Eyed Jack
Quest: Rumble in the Jungle (At Sacrifice Cave)

So yeah, I am definitely having a lot of fun questing through both games with all of you and I hope you guys are too! Remember that everyone is welcome to join us, even if you have a higher level wizard or pirate and want to just come to hang out and help us.  And if you are a lower level than us and need help catching up, just let us know! New friends are always welcome! I hope to see you next week as we continue our adventures.  Also, we will be having an NXP party in Pirate101 on Sunday (tomorrow) so join us for that as well! See you soon!