Sunday, October 7, 2018

Stream Recap - October 5, 2018

Hey guys!

I know this is late again.  I think I have a plan for this coming week so it will be easier for me to start getting the posts out on Fridays.  Anyway, here is what happened last week in our streams.

During the first half of the stream, we helped some people with Lost Pages.  We didn't get too far with it but made a little progress.  Then we hopped over to Pirate101 and helped some of the new Pirates catch up with the last dungeon we left off at, the Marie Celestia.  It was a pretty fun time!

We quested a lot on Tuesday and we were able to finish up all of Wizard City, except Sunken City! This means we fought Nightshade and then ventured into Crab Ally where we rescued King Thermidor.

Crab Ally is usually fun for me, but this past stream, while I had fun questing with everyone, I kept getting caught and was getting extremely frustrated. However, we ended up making it through and then it was finally time to go to Krokotopia! So long, Wizard City and your beautiful new graphics!

Next Stream: Tuesday, October 9th
Quest: Krokotopia
Realm: Kelvin

So we did it! We finally finished up the Traitor's Cave quests! While they are fun and Kingsisle did a great job on them, they definitely lasted a long time and I think the entire group is ready to move on. Next up is Jonah Town!  That means we will be doing the quest to get our Presidio companions soon.  I can't wait! Getting new companions is always exciting!

Next Stream: Thursday, October 11th
Quest: The Most Dangerous Catch
Realm: One-Eyed Jack

So that's it for this week's update.  I am still trying to figure out the best way to make these posts so I can add more info as well as be able to post on Fridays.  Like I said, I think I have a plan so we will see if it makes any difference this week.  Until then, I hope to see you all in tonight's stream for some Halloween questing, which will be a ton of fun!