Wednesday, October 24, 2018

The Great Detective Bundle Available at Gamestop

Hey everyone!

Wizard101 has released a new bundle called the Great Detective bundle!  This bundle is available at Gamestop and for $29.  It is "Sherlock" themed and includes lots of great items.

1.  Hot Air Balloon Ride - This is a super awesome housing item that allows you to go in the basket of the balloon and get a bird's-eye view of your house.

2.  Gyrocycle Mount - This mount is currently one of my favorites in the game.  You are essentially riding around in a giant wheel! It looks really cool and is lots of fun to ride around in.  Kingsisle did a great job on this mount!

3. Baskerville Hound Pet - I haven't trained this pet yet, so I'm not sure what stats it gives, but it definitely looks awesome!  For those of you wondering, it is a myth pet and gives 2 stun block cards.

4.  Sherlock's Outfit and Eyeglass- Your wizard can now look like a detective with this gear!  The default color is red, but it can be dyed, which is nice.  There are 13 different tiers that you can choose from when you redeem it.

5.  5,000 Crowns or 1-Month Membership

This is a really fun-themed bundle and a great value at $29.  My favorite parts of the bundle are the balloon ride and the mount.  Those alone make the bundle worth it to me, but everything in it is really awesome! As I said above, it is available at Gamestop, but if your local store doesn't have it, you can get them online at the Gamestop website.  We are also giving one away for our Halloween Run 2018 Video Guide Contest so you can enter that before Sunday, October 28th for a chance to win! Just click the link for the rules.  As always, thanks for reading and see you soon!