Thursday, December 6, 2018

Stream Renaming Contest Winners

Hey everyone!

During the Halloween Run, Edward Lifegem and I announced that we will be renaming the Twitch channel that we stream on.  It is currently called "Edward Lifegem" and we wanted it to be something more inclusive for the community, so we asked all of you to send us your ideas.  We got so many great ideas! It was very difficult to choose.  We chose our five favorites and each of those people will receive 5,000 crowns.   You can see the winners, listed in random order, along with their entries below.

Christina LionRider
Spiral Society

Autumn Heart
Double Trouble Streamers

Tyler Frost
Decoding the Spiral

Esmee Stormweaver

Taylor Ashstone
Team Double Trouble

Congrats to everyone who won and thanks again to everyone who entered! There were really so many great entries!  All the codes have been emailed out to the winners, so be sure to check your email if you are listed above.

Edward and I will be choosing the final stream name from the five listed in this post and will be officially announcing it before the end of the year, so be sure to watch for that announcement.  If you would like, feel free to chime in with your favorite name from the list above in the comments section below or on twitter! I would love to hear what everyone thinks!  Until then, have fun and see you soon!


Chrissy The Blesser said...

Thank you SO much. What an honor to be a finalist. Whichever you choose I know it will be a perfect fit. :D