My Pirates

*Important Note*  The pirates below are the only pirates I have.  I will be more vigilant about keeping this page updated.  Any other "Autumn Walker" characters in the spiral are NOT me.  I do have an Autumn Walker port bus on my kids' account.  However, you will not see her unless I have announced an event.  Thanks! :)

I currently have 5 pirates.  When Pirate101 was still in beta, I decided I really wanted to try out the Witchdoctor class.  So as soon as the game went live, I made a Witchdoctor.  This class is really awesome! I have done some really strong hits (2164), not to mention that you can self heal.  The starting companion for Witchdoctors, Kan Po, is also another reason why I love this class. He is AWESOME!  My Witchdoctor is level 65 (and nautical level 65) and has completely finished the game. I can't wait for new content!

Autumn Walker - Privateer
Once I had pretty much completed my Witchdoctor, I decided I wanted to give Privateer another try. (My beta character was also a Privateer.)  This class reminds me a lot of the life school in Wizard101.  Lots of healing and support powers, but also good for attacking.  I just finished the main story with her and she is level 65 and nautical level 65!  Look for posts about the side quests I have to finish up!

Autumn Walker - Musketeer
I decided I wanted to try out all the classes, so I also made a Swashbuckler, Musketeer and Buccaneer.  I am currently questing through the game on my Musketeer with Edward Hawkins (aka Edward Lifegem from Around the Spiral.)  Musketeer is a fun class to level on, and so far it doesnt seem too difficult.  It's awesome to be able to pretend I'm Bonnie Anne!  This character is level 38 (38 nautical) and just starting Mooshu.

Autumn Walker - Buccaneer
Let's see......My Buccaneer.  I have to say, I LOVE the buccaneer class! It might be tied with Witchdoctor for my favorite.  I am having so much fun leveling her!  It's awesome to be able to get right in the middle of the battle.  And I LOVE the gear for this class! So many cool things!  Can you tell I like the Buccaneer class a lot? :)  This pirate is also finished with the game....Well, that main quests. I have tons of side quests to complete on her.  She is level 65, nautical level 65.

Autumn Walker - Swashbuckler
This is my Swashbuckler, the pirate I will be using to level with my daughter. She is currently level 14 and so far, I dont know much about this class, except that the attacks seem really strong!  I will update as I level up more. :)

RIP Autumn Walker the 1st
This is my Beta pirate. She was deleted when the game went live.  Anyway, Autumn Walker was a level 28 Privateer.  She will be missed!