My Wizards

Autumn Dreamwalker - Balance
I currently have six wizards.  The first wizard I made was a balance named Autumn Dreamwalker.  She is now level 100 and has completed the whole current story line.  I think all the schools on Wizard101 are great, but balance may be one of my favorites. I don't really know why, except maybe it's because it was the first school I ever played.  Or maybe it's because it incorporates a little bit of all the schools into one school.  Anyway, I will always think balance is an awesome school!

After I had leveled my balance almost to 60, I
Autumn Winterbreeze - Ice
decided to make an ice wizard, Autumn Winterbreeze.  Ice Autumn is level 100 and is almost finished with Khrysalis.  When I first started leveling on this character, I was surprised at how different it was from balance, and to be honest, I didn't like it too much at first.  Now I realize how wrong I was.  Ice has become another one of my favorite schools.  It definitely has my favorite spell, Snow Angel.  Woolly Mammoth and Frost Giant are my other 2 favorite ice spells.  I love leveling on this character now and I will hopefully be able to finish the storyline with her soon.

Autumn Lifesong - Life
In between my ice and my life wizard, I had made 3 or 4 others that I no longer have.  I kind of regret deleting them, but live and learn, right?  Anyway, Autumn Lifesong is my level 100 life wizard.  I love playing on this character with other people.  I definitely prefer using her to heal myself and others instead of attacking.  Don't get me wrong, the life school definitely has some great and strong attack spells.  I just really like being able to help out by using my defensive skills instead of my offensive ones.  It makes for a nice change when I am playing the game.

Autumn Myth - Myth
The only other level 100 wizard I have is my myth wizard, Autumn Myth.  I decided to make a myth
because I was kind of intrigued by all the minions.  I never really used my minions for the other schools that I have, and I was curious to see how it changed the dynamics of my game play.  And.......I have come to the conclusion that minions can be AWESOME!!!  Some people may say that myth isn't a very strong school, but if you are using your minions, you can be pretty much unstoppable.  At least, that was my experience.  Now myth isn't one of my favorite schools, but it is still a great school and I really do like having a myth wizard!

Autumn Deathcaller - Death & Autumn Firestaff - Fire
I made my last two wizards the most recently and decided to level them through the whole game together.  They are Autumn Firestaff and Autumn Deathcaller, fire and death respectively.  I am experimenting with these two to see how high I can level without doing any side quests.  So far they are in Celestia at level 44.  Leveling these two schools together has been awesome!  I really like them both and I can't wait to get some of their higher level spells.

 Anyway, that's all of my wizards.  I hope you enjoyed reading about them!  And if I decide to make any more, I will be sure to update this page, so check back!