Pirate101 Worlds

  • Skull Island

  • The isles of Skull Island offer much to entice merchants and colonists: exotic fruits, spices, and timber draw high prices in markets across the Spiral, offering a fortune to any captain brave and resourceful enough to ship or smuggle them out. In the deepest jungles, crumbling ruins stand as remnants of a forgotten past. These ruins are the most dangerous places in Skull Island, but also the most tempting - the crumbling temples are adorned with solid gold! Skull Island has four skyways with several areas:
    Skull Island Skyway -  Skull Island, Blood Shoals, Jonah Town, Rapa Nui, Corsair's Channel, The Presidio
    Flotsam Skyway - Flotsam, Ruined Lighthouse, Bounty Island, Wapnoi Wu
    Tradewinds Skyway - Puerto Mico, Scrmshaw, Scurvy Dog Hideout, Cutthroat Bay, The Gold Mine
    Port Regal Skyway Port Regal, Parrot Island, Monte Royale, Fort Elena, Dreadnaught Regal

  • Monquista

  • Long an inconsequential, isolated backwater in the outer rim of the Spiral, Monquista recently became one of the preeminent powers in the Spiral, almost overnight, thanks to the massive infusion of gold and wealth its inhabitants pried from the ancient ruins in their colony of Skull Island. Monquista is home to a race of diminutive Monkeys, the Monquistans, who make up for their slight statures with massive egos and harsh tempers. Monquista has only one skyway with six areas to explore:
    Tierra Primata Skyway - Monquista City, Summer Palace, La Mancha, Zenda, St. Bonobos Abbey, Diablo Cut

  • Avernus/Dragonspyre

  • Avernus, or Dragonspyre,is used as a passage to Valencia. It has only one skyway with no areas. However, there are many bone drakes to fight, and a single side quest will bring you here on a collection mission.
    Avernus Skyway - There are no areas in this skyway

  • Valencia

  • Arguably the greatest imperial power of the Spiral, Valencia is home to the Unicorns, a vibrant people with an ancient, rich culture. Many of the great discoveries that led to sky-ships and the age of sail were made here - Valencia stands to this day as a center of arts and learning, where scholars and masters from all over the Spiral gather to push the boundaries of knowledge and talent. Marco Pollo, Cowpernicus, Da Finchi - the greatest minds and artists the Spiral has ever known did their greatest work in Valencia, and the entire Spiral is richer for their labors. Valencia is yet another world with only one skyway to explore:
    Aragon Skyway - Captain Steed's Villa, Sivella, Granchia, Armada Stronghold, Armada Fortress

  • Cool Ranch

  • If there is a bright center to the Spiral, Cool Ranch is the realm it is farthest from. A stark, beautiful realm of rocky islands and seemingly endless skies, Cool Ranch is a land of desert, cactus, and tumbleweeds, a wild realm where civilization can be as fragile as a cool breeze.The proud Bison tribes and the nefarious Toads are the original natives of Cool Ranch - all of the frontier's other inhabitants came here from someplace else. The proud Stallions, distant cousins to the Unicorns of Valencia, came to Cool Ranch long ago and built missions and villages throughout the skyways, but their heyday is long over, and now only Santo Pollo remains. The most recent arrivals are the Chickens, Cranes, and other Fowl who came to Cool Ranch from parts unknown - they rarely talk about their homeland, describing it only as "Back East." Cool Ranch is HUGE, with six skyways and many, many areas:
    Cooper's Roost Skyway - Cooper's Roost, Bison Burial Ground, Watering Hole, Hidden Valley Ranch
    Santo Pollo Skyway  - Santo Pollo, Castillo Sapo, Isla de los Muertes
    Big Sky - Bison Village, Gold Creek, Elder Bluff, Scorpion Rock, Ogalalla Rock, Boot Hill
    Tumbleweed Skyway Tumbleweed, Old Chirp Place, Old Jail House, Traveling Medicine Show, Farmhouse, Solitude
    Arroyo Grande Junction, Arroyo Grande Web Cave, Arroyo Grande Crystal Cave
    Haunted Skyway Fort McMurtry, Motherlode Mine, Abandoned Church, Miranda

  • Mooshu

  • This ancient, mysterious realm is both one of the most storied kingdoms in the Spiral; and one of the most beautiful- a land of scenic mountains, bamboo forests, and serene skies. The citizens of MooShu are famed as skilled artisans, honorable warriors, and great philosophers, and even though MooShu has no colonies or empire, she is still rightly considered one of the Great Powers of the Spiral. There are three skyways in Mooshu as follows:
    Hamamitsu Skyway - Hamamitsu Garden
    Khotan Skyway - Khotan, Sujimura Village, Yama Kai, Yagizawa Village, Rokugara Island, Kaizoku Jima, Moomori Compound
    Subata Skyway - Subata Temple, Temple of the South Wind, Wai No Shrine, Corrupted Shrine, Raven Island, The Paths of Penance, Ravaged Valley, Ashen Roads, Shadow Fortress

  • Marleybone

  • One of the great naval powers of the Spiral, Marleybone is a thriving center of industry and innovation. The center of a mercantile empire, Marleybone has colonies in Skull Island, Darkmoor, Krokotopia, and Zafaria, and their trading companies sail the entire Spiral. Marleybone enjoys strong treaties with MooShu, and has established full colonial rule over the exotic realm of Rajah. Their economic supremacy is second only to the great Merchant Families of Valencia, though they would never admit it. There is only one skyway in Marleybone.
    Westminster Skyway - The Isle of Dogs, The Isle of Dogs Sewers, Invader Fortress, Beachhead, The Isle of Fetch

  • Aquila

  • Few travelers have visited the realm of Aquila, but those that have found a bright, beautiful paradise of gleaming skies and mountainous isles, where mighty heroes and terrible beasts abound. Aquila is a land out of legend, of proud city states united under the rule of an Emperor, home of the mighty Eagles. Here are the 3 skyways that are in Aquila:
    Achaean Skyway - Nova Aquila, Illios, Laestrygon, Unoculum, Delphos, Knossos, Talos, Achaea, Anthemusa
                 The Passage - There are no areas in this skyway
                               Ithaca Skyway - Ithaca


Anonymous said...

I wish we could go to level 90 like on w101.
And leveling is so much faster on p101 than on w101.
I am only level 82 on w101 but it has taken me almost a year playing it off and on to get that high.
Even if I played every day on w101 it would still take me a long time to level.
On p101 I can level three times in only a matter of hours. Please increase the leveling points and raise the maximum level!

Alice Huggins said...

I have been playing both since they were both released I have been there since day one I did a experiment to see if the lvling was the same my sister never played before she and I both sat and played for 14 hours straight doing the same quest,same classes and no breaks the first day we did it for wizard101 I made it to lvl 26 she made it to 18 the next day we did it for pirate101 and I made is it to lvl 44 she made it to 38 the need to lvl out the playing field a little and raise the max lvl