Wizard101 Guides

This page contains links to all of the guides I have made for Wizard101.  Please check back, because I will be adding new guides in the future.  I hope these help, and feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.  Good luck!

Prospector Zeke Guides
Crafting Guides

Other Guides


Unknown said...

Hi. Nice site, thank you for creating it. It's attractive and tastful. Your content is well written and laid out. I saved your site to my top favorites list and plan to frequent your site.

Do you know of any pet aguides and gardening guides? I've been to the wiki's, but it wasn't quite what I wanted--my search continues... I'm looking forward to your future content--if it's anythng like what you have so far--jackpot!

Thank you,
Adam Legend

Unknown said...

Hi. Thank you for your site. Other than a wiki, do you know of any awesome pet guides or gardening guides?

MsEcho said...

Hi. This site has been a huge help with the prospector Zeke quests. I was wondering there would be a Avalon crow guide in the future?