Wizard101 Storylines

  • Main Stories 
    Malistaire - The story starts in Wizard City, where the player's job is to assist in ridding the city of the undead. This leads to a face-off with Lord Nightshade. After Nightshade is defeated, the player goes to Krokotopia to recover the Krokonomican before Malistaire can. At the end of this world you will discover that the Krokonomican is in another world called Marleybone, where is was stolen by Meowiarty on behalf of Malistaire. Once Meowiarty is defeated, you follow Malistaire to Mooshu, where he is trying to get the key to Dragonspyre. It is discovered that the Emperor has been injured and needs to be healed. The player accomplishes this by traveling through Mooshu and defeating the Onis, including the Jade oni who has taken over the Emperor's body. Next the player will move onto the world of Dragonspyre, eventually facing and defeating Malistaire and discovering the reason why he turned so "evil."

    Morganthe - Merle Ambrose sends you to Celestia to check on an expedition. While there, you learn that the evil sorceress, Morganthe, is planning to steal the secrets to the Astral Magics. You travel throughout the world, recovering the star, moon and sun relics and eventually meeting her. Morganthe leaves us with a prophecy before escaping. The journey continues when Merle Ambrose sends you to Zafaria, where you have to discover what happened to a group of students. The player also has to try to stop Morganthe from recovering her Deck of Shadows which Ambrose hid in Mirror lake long ago. Despite everything, Morganthe escapes with her Deck of Shadows, draining Mirror lake in the process.  Merle Ambrose call you back to his office and sends you off to his home, Avalon. You have to retrieve the Sword of Kings, which is needed to defeat Morganthe with her Deck of Shadows. This takes you on a quest which eventually leads you to face Young Morganthe in the past and also to slay the Pendragon.  After that you are called to see Cyrus Drake. He sends you on a quest to Marleybone to get the Spiral key to Azteca.  In Azteca you have two goals to accomplish, to save the world from the comet Xibalba and to of course stop Morganthe.  You discover that Morganthe has teamed up with Malistaire and you have to defeat him. You cannot save Azteca from the comet, due to Morganthe. This fulfills the fourth part of the prophecy: "And the skies will fall." To be continued....

  • Side Stories 

    Grizzleheim & Wintertusk - When you reach level 20, you gain access to the world of Grizzleheim, where you are sent to set up trade relations. However, you can't go see the king until you prove yourself worthy. You do this by uncovering a plot by the Ravens in which they want to create an everlasting winter in Grizzleheim. Eventually you defeat them. However, they come back and try to enforce their plan again. This time you travel to Wintertusk and meet Grandmother Raven, who sends you on a quest to gain the four Golden Seals, which are needed to keep the Frost Giant asleep. To do this you have to earn the respect of each of the four sons of the Frost Giant. Eventually you defeat the Ravens for good, keeping the Frost Giant asleep.

    Pigswick Academy Tournament - At level 25 Merle Ambrose tells you to go to Wysteria, home of the rival school, Pigswick Academy.  You are to compete in a tournament to try to win the Spiral Cup.  After defeating several contestants, you find out the Spiral Cup has been stolen, and someone framed you as the culprit. You set out to prove your innocence and in the process discover one of the Academy's teacher's stole it under the influence of Lord Bramble.  Once you recover the cup, you complete the tournament.