Wizard101 Worlds

  • Wizard City

  • Wizard City is the first world in which every wizard begins their journey.  It is the home to Ravenwood School of Magical Arts, as well as Bartleby.  Wizard City is made up of several areas, which can be classified as follows:

    Non-Fighting  Areas - The Commons, Pet Pavilion, Ravenwood, Shopping District, Olde Towne, Golem Court 
    Fighting Areas - Unicorn Way, Triton Avenue, Firecat Alley, Cyclops Lane, Dark   Cave, Haunted Cave, Colossus Blvd., Crab Alley, Sunken City

    Colossus Blvd. and Crab Alley are both areas that you are brought to through optional side quests/storylines. Sunken city is a dungeon that is also optional.  Players do not need to complete these areas in order to move on to Krokotopia.

    The enemies in Wizard City consist of the undead, such as skeletons, ghosts, fodders, banshees, etc.  
  • Krokotopia

  • Krokotopia is a desert land that is home to Kroks and Manders. There is also a secret society called The Order of the Fang. The balance school can be found on the island of Krokosphinx.  These are the areas of Krokotopia:

    The Oasis (commons area)
    Pyramid of the Sun - Alter of Kings, Chamber of Fire, Royal Hall, Palace of Fire, Throne Room of Fire
    Krokosphinx - Entrance Hall, Grand Arena, Hall of Champions, Emperor's Retreat, Vault of Ice
    Tomb of StormsWell of Spirits, Ahnic Family Tomb, Temple of Storms, Karanahn Barracks, Karanahn Palace, Djeserit Family Tomb, Tomb of the Beguiler

    The Tomb of the Beguiler is a harder dungeon that does not need to be completed to finish the Krokotopia storyline.
  • Marleybone

  • Marleybone is the world of cats, dogs and rats. Marleybone is one of the more "modern" worlds in Wizard101. It is loosely based on London, England, and features real locations such as: Big Ben, Chelsea Court, and Scotland Yard, among others. Here is a listing of all the areas:

    Regent's Square (commons)
    Digmoore StationHyde Park, Chelsea Court, The Ironworks, Kingsington Park
    Scotland Yard Roof Knight's Court, Newgate Prison, Katzenstein's Lab
    The Royal MuseumCounterweight East, Counterweight West, Big Ben 

    Kingsington Park is yet another dungeon-type area that is optional and does not need to be completed to finish Marleybone.
  • Mooshu

  • Mooshu kind of reminds me of Asia and it is very serene, with lush trees, rivers and mountains everywhere.  It in inhabited by cows, pigs, goats, and sheep.  And the demonic Onis which have recently invaded. The areas of Mooshu are:

    Jade Palace (commons) - Hamatsu Village, Tatakai Outpost
    Shoshun Village  - Kishibe Village, Crimson Fields, Cave of Solitude, Shirataki Temple
    Yoshihito TempleVillage of Sorrow, Ancient Burial Grounds, Tree of Life 

  • Dragonspyre

  • To gain access to Dragonspyre, you need to defeat Cyrus Drake, the myth teacher.  This world was once an academy, but it fell when the Dragon Titan was summoned. Now it is a crumbling world of lava, inhabited by ghosts and dragons. Like all the other world, Dragonspyre has several different areas.

    The Basilica (commons)
    The Atheneum - Plaza of Conquests, Tower Archives, The Grand Chasm
    The Necropolis - The Crucible, The Drake Hatchery, The Labyrinth
    Dragonspyre Academy - Crystal Grove, The Forum, Dragon's Roost, The Great Spyre, The Crown of Fire

  • Celestia

  • Celestia sank and was destroyed by the Storm Titan after Morganthe raised an army to gain the secrets of Astral magic from the Celestians. The Celestians tried to save part of their world by constructing a dome, but they perished and the Spiral Door was sealed off. Now it is inhabited by the Crustacean Empire and Morganthe is back and up to mischief. These are the main areas of Celestia.

    Celestia Base Camp (commons), Survey Camp, The Grotto, District of the Stars, The Floating Land, Stormriven, Stormriven Hall, The Portico, The Science Center, The Crustacean Empire, The Cancel, Trial of the Spheres

  • Zafaria

  • Zafaria is a land based on Africa and inhabited by Lions, Zebras, and Elephants. It was also once the home to Morganthe, a long time ago.  The areas of Zafaria are as follows:

    Baobab Crossroads (commons), Baobab Crown, Baobab Market, Savannah, Zamunda Outskirts, Zamunda, Stone Town, Waterfront, Drum Jungle, Elephant Graveyard, and Mirror Lake

  • Avalon

  • Avalon is a Medieval world. It is also home to Merle Ambrose, as well as various knights, witches, goblins, dragons and many more creatures. Avalon is one of the larger worlds of the Spiral and can only be accessed once you are level 70 and have completed the quest "Through the Glass, Darkly." Here are the different areas of Avalon:

    Caliburn (commons), Abbey Road, High Road, Caer Lyon, The Wild, The Wyrd, Dun Dara, Outer Yard, Lake Shore, Deepwater, Catacombs, Crystal caves, Ghost Avalon, Keep of Ganelon, Restored Keep of Ganelon  

  • Azteca

  • Azteca is the land of the oldest beings in the Spiral, the Aztecosaurs.  It is also in danger of being destroyed.  To access this world you need to be level 80 and have completed the quest "A Great Storm Coming."  Azteca consists of 13 different areas, as follows:

    The Zocalo (commons), Three Points, Cenote, Mangrove Marsh, Saltmeadow Swamp, Zultun Dock, Cloudburst Forest, Alto Alto, Tierra de Brea, Pitch Black Lake, Floating Mountains, Twin Giants, Xibalba 

  • Grizzleheim & Wintertusk

  • Grizzleheim and Wintertusk are both cold, woodsy worlds based heavily on Norse mythology.  They are inhabited by bears and ravens. Wintertusk is actually a subarea of Grizzleheim, which offers an additional 6 areas after the Grizzleheim quest line is completed.

    Grizzleheim - Northguard, Savarstaad Pass, Mirkholm Keep, Vigrid Roughland, Frostholm, Nidavellir, Helgrind Warren, Hall of Valor, Winterdeep Warren, Ravenscar
    Wintertusk -  Hrundle Fjord, Austrilund, Vestrilund, Sudrilund, Nordrilund, and Nastrond

  • Wysteria

  • Wysteria is the home of Ravenwood's rival school, Pigswick Academy.  It is a land of pigs and rabbits, goblins and green men.  It is also where players will go to participate in a tournament for the Spiral Cup.  Wysteria is a small world, with only 3 areas:

    Pigswick Academy (commons), Pegasus Place, and Tanglewood Way

    Once you reach level 60, you can also access The Tower of the Helephant, which is located in Pegasus Place.


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